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Love & Unity Foundation

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The primary intent and purpose of the Love & Unity Foundation, also to be known as LAUF for short, is to provide a not-for-profit spiritual community service which will operate through Shaman-Oasis Transformational Healing Center, by providing:

Information & expertise through service, to benefit & inspire humanity as a whole to achieve Love & Unity, both internally and externally;

Service & support to improve the inner & outer wellbeing of all those individuals who seek the LAUF's support, through Shaman-Oasis Transformational Healing Center and to support humanity as a whole;

To educate those individual seekers open to the LAUF's Mission & Purpose;

To unite and expand the evolution of science & spirituality, and to be a catalyst for and of Self-Love, Inner Peace, and the Wellbeing of each and every individual, towards the Unification of humanity as One Love, One Unified Race.

To physically, mentally, emotionally and/or spiritually assist individuals and/or groups in genuine need through donations via various forms of energy including but not limited to education, counselling & moral support.


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