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Soul Journey ~ Path to the Soul is an extensive course presented as a PlayBook, based on Mesheril's life’s work, her Life Purpose transformed into words.

For practicality the PlayBook has been divided into 7 sequential Modules, beginning with Contemplation & Meditation, why it's vital to your spiritual growth, as well as the 'how;' working through & releasing emotional & mental body patterns; releasing the Core Wound; finding your Life Purpose, awakening & further developing your psychic abilities through your intuition & physical health & physical healing.

Soul Journey ~ Path to the Soul is intended to be transformational. To bring about a paradigm shift, & permanently opening & reconnecting to your True multi-dimensional Self, your Soul, increasing Conscious Awareness, & therefore raising your vibrational frequency or Consciousness level. This is commonly called Ascension, which is a misleading word because it's not about humanity "ascending into the 5th dimension" as "lightworkers" & "new agers" say, but rather reconnecting with & bringing your already Multi-dimensional Soul-Self Here, Now, & grounding Him or Her to Mother Earth in the Present Moment. The ultimate goal is to be free from all the many forms of slavery that have been imposed upon humanity for eons so that you know without doubt that you are One with Universe Consciousness & know that All is One.

As Soul Journey ~ Path to the Soul is Mesheril's Life’s work, the challenge was to condense decades of revelations, self-exploration, personal experiences & spiritual growth, visualizations, meditations, affirmations, exercises, daily practices & much more, into a course manual, to support all those who have chosen to take up The Path to reconnect more fully with their Soul. As such the Modules are extensive & are not meant to be rushed through, but rather to be contemplated & savored as the Journeyer opens more fully to their True Self.

While Mesheril's own major awakening happened over a period of 5 years, the Journey is a never ending. There is no fixed or final destination we reach & then it's done, as Mesheril was often reminded in beginning: "Be! Allow! Trust!" And this is the message we must all learn, to trust the Inner Knowing of our Soul's voice which comes through the Heart Center. And while each Module is designed to build on the one before, they are also designed to stand alone for anyone who wishes to focus on only one area of their Spiritual growth.

Once you decide to begin the next part of your Journey with Mesheril as your Guide & Mentor, the next step is to commit to your first Module. Mesheril will then guide & support you by answering questions & providing guidance; & if necessary will be available for one-on-one sessions via Skye (not included in the cost of the Modules).


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