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Part One

Lies are a necessity.
They are the source of meaning, belief & hope
~ quote from Jupiter Ascending, the mostly non~fiction history of Earth


Although I didn’t know it as a child, because like many, my will was broken, & my innocence, inner authority & personal power were stolen, I have come to know that I am one of those I call “the Rebels.” Even with all the numerous attempts to keep me disempowered & disconnect me from my Soul, my Soul could not be silenced, because I carry the DNA & at least some memory of my True origins prior to incarnations here within this astral realm matrix-reality. My purpose now, as it has always been in my numerous other incarnations, is to assist humanity to also reawaken & remember.

To say that everything is a lie is a bold statement I know. But the many facts speak for themselves. I also know we’ve been so manipulated by our alien/ET creators with lines like, “There’s no such thing as truth, that’s just your opinion,” that very few believe the truth when it comes to them, which is exactly what these ETs want. I realize not everyone is a researcher like myself, & that not everyone has an insatiable thirst for knowledge, & that’s perfect, but these qualities, along with my personal experiences, are in part what makes me certain that what I’m providing here is accurate. This is for all the other “Rebels” out there, who like me have always felt & known there was something fundamentally wrong with the world we’re living in.

That so many of the beliefs imposed on us are lies, that right now we are being strategically & purposely poisoned through biological warfare: GMO foods, toxic additives, fluoride in water, toothpaste, Teflon & drugs; vaccines & chemtrails. Such efforts show the global elite, minions of our ET creators are actively trying to silence our Soul connection, as well as eliminate a vast majority of humanity with their eugenics program designed to thin out the “useless eaters” by up to 80%, as they call us.

On a personal level though, those of us who have been targeted since childhood know there’s no way we should have been abused like we were as children, or worse, all our lives. We know that the excuse “newagers” & “lightworkers” give us, “You chose it before you incarnated this lifetime. It’s just one of your lessons on this learning, university planet to make you stronger. You need to rise above the abuse & let the pain & the story go. Love & forgive, & you’ll be free.” is just rhetoric & not the real reason. Yes we need to empower ourselves, set ourselves free from the predators, take our Soul fragments back & heal the trauma through Inner work, self-Love & forgiveness, but Deep down we know such statements are invalidations of our experiences & are not true.

Like Neo in the first Matrix movie, you know there’s something fundamentally wrong with the world & you’re been searching most, maybe all your life for the reason.

Trinity: I know why you're here, Neo. I know what you've been doing... why you hardly sleep, why you live alone, and why night after night, you sit by your computer. You're looking for him. I know because I was once looking for the same thing. And when he found me, he told me I wasn't really looking for him. I was looking for an answer. It's the question that drives us, Neo. It's the question that brought you here. You know the question, just as I did.
Neo: What is the Matrix?

And like Neo you’ve been guided here, because I have at least some of the answers you’re looking for about what’s really going on here & how to free yourself from the matrix-reality we live in.

Who are we, where did we come from, why are we here & where are we heading as a species? These are questions some of us have pondered all our lives until we have satisfactorily answered all four. But the truth has been tainted & deeply hidden.

So, no matter how sure you are that you know the answers, I guarantee what you currently think you know has been both programmed & manipulated, perhaps beyond your wildest imaginings. Why? Because as Carlos Castanada’s teacher don Juan said, the human mind does not belong us. Our human mind has & is being strategically controlled by our ET creators/controllers/astral parasites, & their ET & human-global-elite minions. That much you probably know already, so there’s no need for me to go over the historical evidence that supports this truth.

What makes me so certain that I know something others do not, & that this whole elaborate matrix-like reality is 99.9% fiction & very much like was matrix-reality portrayed in the Wachowski’s films Matrix Trilogy, & Jupiter Ascending, both of which were more non-fiction than fiction?

For one thing, I have no vested interest & nothing to gain by convincing anyone of anything. I am merely a messenger of Source truth, provided by the True Light & my own Soul’s knowing. Some of it may be challenging for your left-brain to hear. But I don’t see any point in sugarcoating the truth. Your Soul, connected to your right-brain & Heart Center, is more likely to recognize the truth when you hear, or read it. Potentially anyway! I will explain why only “potentially.” The truth resonates inside us & is felt for some in the gut, others in the heart, & others have a full body sensation of total resonance. Of course what you do with this truth is entirely up to you. As the Oracles says to Morpheus when he meets her in her new body for the first time & wonders, “After everything that's happened, how can you expect me to believe you?” she replies, “I don't expect you to do anything. I expect what I've always expected, for you to make up your own damn mind. Believe me or don't.”

Most importantly though, if none of this were true, if these astral parasites weren’t afraid of what I know, I wouldn’t have been so targeted my whole life, beginning with my Soul being hijacked & very strategically placed with an abusive parents who had an adult pedophile son, instead of the parents I had chosen. Throughout my whole life I have been attacked on every level, in every imaginable way, from when I was eighteen months of age, in an effort to prevent me from remembering the truth of who I am, who we all are, & sharing it with others. The attacks somewhat backfired twenty-five years ago however, when I realized that I wouldn’t be continuously attacked if there wasn’t any truth in my memories or if I was on the right path. More recently I remembered where I was before I was captured by astral ETs & sent, or more accurately tricked into coming here to this planet. With that memory came the most intense psychically attacks I’d had in years. That just confirmed again that I was indeed on the right path.

Since remembering where I was before all this, & being shown a whole other level to the deception of this matrix-reality I also realized that many of my other lifetime memories are very likely to have been manipulated & may not be my memories at all. From past experience I also now know that our ability to recognize the truth has been tainted, which has made the “real” truth elusive & rare. At least until we forcibly remove all the implants we’ve had put into our energy fields so these astral parasites can harvest & feed on all our thoughts, feelings, motivations, intentions & desires, be they love or fear based.

Every tradition has been designed to disempower us & keep us focused away from who we truly are, through the left brain ego. Nothing is more obvious of this than the habit of defining ourselves by what we do, rather than by who we are. One of the first questions that comes up when two people meet is, “What do you do?” And the answer is of course a job!

We aren’t the job we perform each day. We are not our body. We are Spirit, having a human experience. Sadly, 99+% of humanity don’t know this truth. And by know I mean having personally experienced merging with Source to know beyond a shadow of doubt that they are One with Universal Consciousness. That they are truly Spirit in a physical vehicle, which is nothing more than the physical animation of Source Consciousness. But that’s just a small part of the ego-driven brainwashing & massive propaganda, ensuring that the fear-based focus is on everything outside of us, rather than inside on who we truly are. And the brainwashing is very sophisticated & purposely ego-driven. A small example of the phrases or “sayings” we’ve been given to disempower us & keep the Truth hidden, include:

~ There’s no such thing as truth, absolute or otherwise; Truth is relative;
~That’s only your truth, it’s not mine;
~ That’s just your opinion, which is nothing more than a belief, it’s not truth.
These are “perfect” sayings to make sure we doubt everything, most especially our Soul’s knowing, & never question what we’re told & therefore, never know Source Truth.

~ There’s no such thing as “right or wrong or evil,” everything is perfect as it is & is just part of the lesson ~ which is the real reason we’re here on this school/university planet;
~ What doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger.
~ You current physical (health), mental, emotional or spiritual challenges are just part of the journey, there is no destination.

These are justifications for abuse & self-sacrifice at our own expense, & most certainly isn’t the reason why we are here. This isn’t a school, a learning or “university” planet. That would require free will & choice. I will explain this in more detail later.

~ Being vulnerable is a weakness;
~ Real men don’t cry; Man up;
~ Women are weak because they’re so emotional;
~ Don’t be a “girl” (or a sissy) about it;
~ We’ve been cursed by having a girl;

And the opposite:
~ We must maintain our child-like Innocence;
~ “Truly I say to you, unless you turn & become like children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven;”
Matthew 18:1-3;
~ “Whoever receives one such child in my name receives me, whoever receives me, receives not me but him who went me;”
Mark 9:37;
~ It would be better for him if a millstone were hung around his neck & he were cast into the sea than that he should cause one of these little ones to sin;
Luke 17:2
Here are truths hidden in plain sight. On one level these & other quotes about women & children, tell us the power of maintaing our connection to our right brain & therefore our Soul & our child-like Innocence. On another level, they point to far more sinister knowledge. The recognition by the ETs & their human minions, that babies are born with the ability to access & harness the full range of their Soul’s potential, & to reject all control over them. This not only makes children most desirable for human sacrifices, it’s also why children are most targeted with poisons ~ GMO foods, additives, sugar/high fructose corn syrup, fluoride in water & toothpaste, sunscreen, endocrine disrupting chemicals in plastics, Ritalin, electromagnetic radiation/frequencies (WiFi etc) & vaccines, all meant to damage their DNA & calcify their pineal gland. Religions, school, media, & television all spread the dogma & indoctrination that will disconnect a child from their Soul & true potential. By the time a child reaches young adulthood, they must be programmed to conform to the slave-system & never, ever ask questions.

The other side of this “problem” is that women are harder for the astral parasites & their minions to control. While we all experience the same reprogramming, or rather deprogramming, before each incarnation, a human women remains partially immune. The reason for this is that Earth is a large Feminine Being, as is the source of life in our solar system, our Grandmother Sun, as is the greater source of life in our galaxy, The Great Mother of the Galactic Core. We’ve been brainwashed into believing many lies, but the lie that the feminine is dark, passive, negative, cold & underground, associated with “yin,” including the Moon, which is neither feminine nor masculine because it’s been manufactured, is one of the most insidious & blatantly disempowering lies. And then to top it off, we’re manipulated into believing these magnificent & extremely powerful Beings, our Sun & Galactic Core, are masculine, so that we have no desire to connect with them & harness their True Light Power & strength to assist & protect us.

The frequencies of these mighty Feminine Beings is naturally attuned to the frequency of a woman ~ & the Inner Feminine of every man, which is also very meticulously disconnected, beginning in early childhood. It’s no coincidence that since the beginning of the “new age” movement, it’s women who have predominantly been seeking more spiritual knowledge & have consistently & significantly out numbered men in workshops & seminars. Awakening men on the other hand, have been more attracted to earth-based ancient shamanic practices until more recently.

~ No one is a victim; you allowed it to happen; it was karma;
~ If you were abducted by ETs, you agreed to it; they can’t take anyone against their will;
~ You need to forgive yourself for having allowed the abuse to happen to you.

These are three of the biggest mind-f^*#s every inflicted on those of us who have been abused us, & mostly spouted by “new agers” & “lightworkers.” How is a baby of eighteen months not a victim of the molestation inflicted upon her? How could a baby possibly have defended herself to not “allow” it to happen? And what, a child of four agreed to be abducted before she was born? That isn’t even logical. “One of my lessons this incarnation will be to allow myself to be abducted, experimented on like a mouse, have my DNA manipulated, even allow the ETs to artificially inseminate one or more of my eggs, then implant the zygotes back inside me, only to be remover at the fourth month of pregnancy. And then I’ll allow myself to be regularly abducted again so I can watch my part alien children grow, while I assist them to act like “normal” humans.” How does that make sense?

Yes “victimhood,” where a person continually talks about their past traumas, or what’s “wrong” with their life, using it as a weapon to steal energy from whoever will listen, prevents their healing, & is a form of energy vampiering. But victimhood is not the same as a child being victimized by a predator against his or her will. As for blaming child abuse on karma… Karma does not exist anymore than “sin” exists. Both are nothing more than the fictional currencies of control like the money-debt system, to keep humanity disempowered & enslaved. And yes, abduction may have been just one of the many contracts, agreements, vows, compulsions &/or oaths imposed on a Soul to further limit them by the false “light” “lords of karma” before each incarnation, but trickery is still not a form of agreement or “allowing.”

It’s no coincidence that all humans steal energy from one another & is just one of the many example of “as above so below.” We have been very purposefully & strategically manipulated to believe we are disconnected from Source Consciousness. To believe we are separate from everything around us. We might rebel if we knew the truth & fully awakened to being One with each other & Source. Given that so few have experienced True Oneness, & are not fully connected with their Soul, let alone Source Consciousness, how else would we get energy if not from other humans? Energy stealing also becomes habitual very early on in childhood. We learn it from our parents, who stole energy from one another & then us, so we grow up not know anything different. Well some of us anyway. I taught my sons not to steal energy & one of the two practices what I taught him. There are many names for how we steal energy, which is all energy vampiring, but the most common control dramas are: the Intimidator, the Poor Me or Martyr, the Interrogator or Fault-finder, the Aloof, the Drama King or Queen, the Sarcastic “Joker,” & the Needy person who is always looking for ways to get rescued. The solution is to connect with our Soul & Source Consciousness & to refrain from participating in all control dramas. It take two to tango!

~ It just wasn’t meant to be; Everything happens for a reason; This is a free will universe;
~ We create our own reality; if you’re struggling then you’re doing something wrong, & you just need to focus harder on what you want;

~ Love & light are all you need; Love is your greatest protection;
~ We all have a guardian angel to protect us.

Yes Earth was part of the Free Will Universe, but our whole Solar System & a large portion of our Galaxy have not been part of the Free Will Universe for hundreds of thousands of years, & this is why:
A group of entities, Annunaki, reptilians, grays & many others, used their free will to take away the free will of a number of other species, including humanity, with the intention of creating slaves & a convenient energy food source for themselves. We live on plants & animals. These astral entities, or rather astral parasites, live on energy. The Wachowski’s movie Matrix Trilogy, while a metaphor, was far closer to the truth than anyone imagines, & Jupiter Ascending was more explicit in it’s accurate portrayal of human history. Both talked about & showed the “harvesting” of humans & our energy to feed AI & ETs. As for all the stories about love, light & “angels” protecting us. Given the reason why we’re here, why should we be surprised that there would be entities that also feed on love as well as fear. And like the “dark,” the false “light” do just that. Our environment is specifically set up to trigger intense feelings. Think about how you feel when you see a story about an animal being harmed, or a whole forest being cut down. That energy is stored in your implants. Plus, all the mammals & trees are hostages of the system through their own “chakra” implants. Compassion, the ability to witness what is without judgment, & neutrality is our True protection.

So no, Earth, is not part of the Free Will Universe. The reality we come into at birth is manufactured according to the specific needs of the alien, ET “gods” who created us.

Continued in Part 2, The False Duality & Astral Realms



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