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Part Two

Lies are a necessity.
They are the source of meaning, belief & hope
~ quote from Jupiter Ascending, the mostly non~fiction history of Earth


Part of the deception is that, contrary to what the astral parasites want us to believe, this is not a dualistic universe. Duality only exists within the astral realms. And the two “groups,” so-called light & dark, are the same entities. While many know the Annunaki, reptilians & others harvest & feed on the energy generated by the many flavors of fear, virtually no one knows that the so-called “light” harvest & feed on all flavors of love. To do this they recruit new agers, lightworkers & spiritualists & anyone else who believes in the existence of “angels,” & pretend to support their Soul evolution, save them from the “dark,” provide a few half-truths & a lot of misinformation, even make it look like they help with personal healing & sessions with clients, & generally make life better. But their agenda, which is obviously well hidden, is the same. Keep all beings of Earth enslaved & in the dark, while harvesting our energy. Literally.

While new agers, lightworkers & spiritualists believe they are being supported by the false “light.” While the “angels,” “archangels,” “ascended masters,” arcturians, blue avians & sphere-beings, great white brotherhood, councils of light, galactic federations, most Pleiadians, Sirians & Orionians & many others ETs, would have us believe they are aiding in human Soul evolution, they are doing the opposite, because they’re all part of the astral realm control-system. I too was part of the brainwashed group & believed the lie whole heartedly. At first anyway, having been rescued by the false “light” in 1993 & “saved” from the dark who was attacking me every night, sometimes visciously. But it wasn’t long before I realized that much of the information these supposed “light” beings were “channelling” to people was either half-truths or nothing but lies. Initially I thought the information was coming from dark beings disguised as the light, but as time when on I suspected that all the angels & archangels were themselves nothing more than dark shapeshifters. As the psychic attacks radically increased when I “stumbled” on a truth, I knew I was on the “right” path.

Consider how we treat our farmed sheep, cattle, pigs & chickens. We keep all our farmed animal food sources well fed, with a small percentage being fed close to what they would eat if they were wild, treated more “humanely,” with space to move around, even having the illusion of freedom. And these go to feed people who like higher vibrating organic animal products & are willing to pay the higher price for the end product. While the majority of farmed animals are locked up in tiny cages with no room to move, are not treated humanely & obviously never know anything else exists. And these feed the less conscious majority who like to save their money for other “things.” But ultimately it’s all about money, which is nothing more than energy & just one of the “currencies” of control used on this planet. Do you think all this is a coincidence? That the two groups are about the same percentage as their human counterparts., those who live relatively consciously versus those who believe in all the propaganda their just constitutional government gives them, believe laws are there to protect us, believe fluoride is in water for dental health, believe vaccines protect them, think the military protect them, think children go to school to be educated, believe the nightly news is accurate. Or can you see the metaphor! As above so below. There is no such thing as a coincidence.

Most new agers & lightworkers claim that the dark doesn’t exist. “Light a candle & the dark becomes light,” they say, which isn’t impossible. This is just more of the rhetoric the false “light” has taught us to take the focus off the truth, which includes the fact that they’re breaking Universal Law by keeping us hostage in their astral reality. Yes these entities were once part of Universal Consciousness, & technically still are, or at least could be. But they turned their back on Love & True Light eons ago & chose to separate themselves from the rest of this Universe, choosing fear over Love. They like the arrangement as it is, obviously, & because they operate outside of Universal Law there’s no accountability for their transgression. Which I don’t totally understand. Typically when someone breaks the law they are made to stop what they’re doing & are punished. Not so these entities. Which means, only we can change this “arrangement.” Together! But it won’t happen while people hold onto their denial of the truth, which is of course what these astral parasites desperately want & are working hard to maintain. Providing false hope & lies is just part of the deception. A few of these include:

~ The planet & therefore humanity is receiving a huge influx of energy from the Galactic Core, & our “friends” the Blue Avians & sphere-being alliance are controlling the volume of this energy, making sure it doesn’t overwhelm the majority of humanity. They have also “closed our Solar System so no one can get in or out. Preventing the cabal, who are on the run, from leaving.”

~ The cabal/Illuminiti/elite is on the run & will soon be defeated by a secret space program which includes a group of “good” ETs & human defectors from the CIA & black budget secret organizations who are working to save us; we know this because at least three “reliable whistleblowers” have told us the same story;

~ A great apocalyptic event will usher in the “golden age” (the word apocalypse means to uncover or reveal, not total destruction or some kind of armageddon), although there is evidence of mass destruction coming from a “mini solar system” which has entered our Solar System. However, the time of this event is unknown. Some say neither the Annunaki, their minions, nor Beings of the True Light will allow Earth to be severely damaged or destroyed. Time will tell;

~ The Golden Age is upon us;

~ The “Crystal Children” are a new human race, “homo noeticus” or “homo spiritus,” that are here to save us;

~ This is your last lifetime, you have evolved beyond the wheel of reincarnation & can go home now;

~ We have free will to create any reality we choose; if you don’t like your reality, create a new one;

~ Because of the mass influx of energy, humanity is waking up en mass & becoming more conscious;
We are ascending into the 5th dimension & those who choose to evolved are going with Mother Earth as She moves into the 5th dimensions; while those who fail to evolve will be transported to a “new earth” where they will continue to live unaware of the change;

~ The “angels,” “archangels” & “ascended masters” are all providing us with information through multiple channellings that is assisting our “ascension.”

- The Blue Avians & their “friends” are part of the false “light” & would only close our solar system to benefit themselves & the rest of the astral parasites. However, as the false “light” usually provide half-truths, we need to “read between the lines.” They are telling us that they are “assisting” in minimizing the energy coming in from our Grandmother Sun. But not for our benefit. They’re attempting to prevent or minimize the human DNA activation taking place en mass (they can’t); while also blocking those of the True Light from entering the solar system, who are trying to assist us. Such half-truths while really telling us what they’re doing to support the rest of the astral parasites are key when dealing with all “information” given to us by the false “light;”

- As for so-called “whistleblowers” & “insiders.” These people are just doing what they’re told by the human minions, by providing more false hope & misinformation to keep the new agers, lightworkers & spiritualist distracted until the real agenda is implemented. And remember different groups of “whistleblowers” provide conflicting information. If these people were true whistleblowers they would either be dead or in hiding since their information is so incriminating. My advice is be extremely skeptical: believe nothing you hear & read, & next to nothing of what you see, until it can be proven authentic. While I know a lot of the truth, I remain just as skeptical as I was before & seek proof. As I said, there was a time when I was just as brainwashed as every other spiritualist, new ager & lightworker, but over the years little things trickled through that made me suspicious & question what I was being told. By the time the truth about the false “light” & the chakras being implants was revealed, I had already let go of a lot of what I’d been taught in the beginning. I was slightly disappointed, but it just confirmed that we can’t even totally trust what we believe/think is our intuition & knowing, while ever we have these energy harvesting devices attached to us. My suggestion is to work on connecting more fully with your True-Self, your Soul, & when you get rid of all your implants, then practice trusting your inner knowing/intuition. Only then does the truth stand out as obvious. For me the knowing of a truth also has to make sense & feel right. I always do physical research as well. And no, clearly even together these weren’t fool proof in the past. But as I look back now at what I believed was my intuition & knowing, it wasn’t always coming from my Heart Center, & I now see just how cleverly these entities manipulate our energy by using their own energy to deflect the real truth while reflecting what they want us to “know” in the general vicinity of our chest. As I’ve long told these entities when I discovered their trickery in the past, “you don’t know who you’re messing with.” Actually, they clearly had always known, which is why I’ve been so massively targeted with the wide variety of attacks, all my life. It’s obviously also why I was being closely watched. In 1992 I began seeing myself on a large screen in a spaceship, sometimes many, with ETs standing around discussing me. And that feeling of being watched has never left me. Given our situation, we know lies & deception are merely part of the control-system, so we shouldn’t be surprised by any of this.

- We do not have free will & I explained why earlier. We do have the illusion of free will. Making believe that we do is just part of the giant web of deception. What we do live in is an extensive matrix-like programmed reality, made up of many layers, levels & dimensions including the “heavenly” realms where false “light” “angels” & “archangels” exist; various spheres where we go between lifetimes to work on a Soul gift such as medicine, healing, music, quantum science, inventions, architecture; other dimensions where the false “light” “ascended masters,” numerous councils, federations, brotherhoods, the “lords of karma” & others exist, as well as in between dimensions were all the various ETs reside, & lower astral dimensions were various dark, demonic-like entities exist. And I’ve seen, been to, every one of these dimensions in meditations & healing session, although I didn’t know they all existed within the astral realms at the time.
The Free Will universe where Beings of True Light exist is non-dualistic & all True Light Beings return to Source Consciousness between incarnations, while retaining their memory of each incarnation. Only those of us forced to remain within the astral realms “forget,” & we are prevented from returning Home to Source between incarnations.

If you get nothing else from this article, at least please take with you the knowledge that you have the choice, now that you know, to return to Home to Universal Source at the end of your time here this incarnation. When you pass over with this knowledge, you will not enter the astral realms, but will instead merge with Source via the Heart of Mother Earth or the Heart of the Great Mother of the Galactic Core. Which of the great Mother’s you go Home through, is up to you.

- No the “golden age” is not upon us & the “Crystal Children” are not a “new” human race here to save us. The “golden age,” “crystal children” & our “ascension” are all part of the same deception, false hope & half-truth. We are not ascending into the fifth dimension, because we already are multidimensional Beings. We need to call forth our multidimensional Self, our Soul, & ground Him or Her here now, through the Heart of Mother Earth. The so-called “crystal children” are part of an unavoidable anomaly that the ETs have been trying to correct since the last “event,” approx. 25,625 years ago, but apparently can’t. They are a symptom of our True-Self, our Soul being restored to our humanity. One of the reasons certain people & families have always been targeted for recurring abductions is because of this anomaly ~ the natural waking up of the human race that occurs towards the end of every Age as our so-called “junk” DNA reactivates. That is, the ten multidimensional strands our “creators” disconnected when they made us “in their own image & likeness.” More on the other reason why certain people have always been targeted in a moment.

~ It’s highly unlikely the astral parasites would allow anyone to step out of the wheel of reincarnation. This is just more false hope. The “lords of karma” would simply tell the Soul they’re now a bodhisattva & know they must return because “you know you won’t truly be free until all Souls are free.” I was destined for that path, having been told in 1993 this was my last lifetime.

- Contrary to what we’ve been taught, our purpose for being here is not to learn or grow or evolve spiritually. This may be the hardest truth of all to accept. Our “purpose” is to be a food source for another species, like one of the cows, sheep, pigs or chickens we raise as our own food sources. Nothing more. Nothing less. That’s not to say we shouldn't give meaning & purpose to our life. In fact, that’s the best gift we can give ourselves to assist with our own awakening. However, our spiritual “growth” is a side effect of recurring lifetimes, but that’s not our purpose for reincarnating. Very few of us are here by choice, & our recurring incarnations in this matrix-reality are forced upon us through coercion & trickery, not free will. If you knew the true history of our ancestors & your own “past” selves, you would know that every civilization that came before us followed the same process as the end of the cycle neared. And as the numbers of people “awakening” to their multidimensional True-Self grew, so too would the control grow in direct proportion to the level of awakening. Why do you think the control has grown exponentially in the past sixty years, ever tightening & constraining our movements, & most especially our thoughts, with ever increasing propaganda & mind-control manipulation, supported by the ever growing number of poisons? How do you think the human “controllers” knew to not only prepare for this time, but to warn us decades in advance that a change was coming through books such as George Orwell’s 1984 & Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World? Both described in great detail what was being planned for humanity & both men worked for or with the elite. Look at the systems of control, the plan for a “One World Government,” with one currency & one religion; the ever increasing surveillance, wars, weaponization of microwave technology through mobile/cell phone towers, & broad spectrum poisoning of our physical, mental & emotional bodies through EMR, food, water, vaccinations & air via geoengineering, that is, chemtrails & weather control. Every flood, drought, hurricane, tornado, cyclone, extreme cold snap & major snow storm, most earthquakes & tsunamis have been manmade for the past 60 years, that we know of, created by the various HAAP bases. I suspect our weather has always been programmed just like the rest of the matrix-reality is.

- What I remember, know & have seen, is that at the end of every cycle, the “anomaly” appears in human DNA, where all 12 strands begin to reactivate, causing the remembering of who we are. Remember, we are more ET than human, in that we have the advanced DNA of our many ET “parents,” not just the Annunaki. While the Annunaki programmed the first of this human race to be less than themselves, by manipulating, cutting & splicing many of our chromosomes, including splicing two together at the second strand to deal with the extra chromosome from our hominoid parent (the Annunaki have 46 chromosomes, while early humans & primates have 48) & disconnecting the multidimensional DNA strands; they could not have known in the beginning, that over time, we would become more like our ET creators. Many of us also have DNA from our True Light origins (the “Rebels”) & we’ve passed that DNA on to our children in every incarnation. So what happens at the end of every Age when the astral-parasites again fail to stop the anomaly, is that they wipe out all but a few of the more compliant humans & start again ~ just as weas described in the Matrix Revolutions. If you doubt this, consider what happened to all our previous advanced civilizations. The remnants are either under water or buried under miles of earth or ice, & then the truth of our origins & these advanced civilizations has been very purposefully hidden from us. What possible reason could the elite have from keeping our history from us!? There is no such thing as a coincidence remember!

- All is not lost however, I did say that the “golden age” “crystal children” & our supposed ascension were half-truths. The truth is, we do have the power to free ourselves from this matrix-reality. If you knew how truly powerful we are, you would gather up all your friends, show them the truth, rid yourselves of the implants & other constraints & send all these parasites to the Galactic Core for recycling, & eliminate the astral grid from our solar system, permanently. I send more than my fair share of the parasites to the Galactic Core every morning & there is a small number of others who know part of this information & who are doing the same thing. We need the square root of 1% of the population to fully succeed. I estimate that as about 8000 people. A small number of people, in the scheme of things! Remember all the stories about 144,000 being saved by ETs. Another half-truth!

- All information that comes through channelling, as a voice in the head or visions is coming from the false “light”/dark. They used to only talk about light, but began talking about love last year I noticed. But what they tell us are half-truths & deception, & remember they’re feeding on the power people give them when they hand over their authority to that “outside” being. The excuse I hear most from “lightworkers” & “new agers” for this is, “We’re all one. I’m just channelling or receiving information from my higher self.” And yet the “aspect” of the person’s “higher self” has many names. That makes perfect sense. Not! From personal experience, these entities appeal to the ego & it sounds wonderful to be told we have a special connection with this or that false “light” entity. They had me convince I was an incarnated angel, that my “monadic” self was Melchizedek, Quan Yin & Sananda ~ because I was a double walk-in & a “christed being” who worked through all three monads, & that I was a “member” of the Council of Light, which Sananda was head of. Of course my ego loved hearing these things that made me feel special, especially when special was the last thing I had felt all my life as an unwanted, severely abused child & woman. It’s no uncommon for these so-called ascended masters” to tell a woman he is her “twinflame.” None of it is real. There’s no such thing as a monad or a twinflame. These “exist” only in the false astral realm duality! And like so many other “Rebels” my life long abuse was orchestrated by these entities to keep me down, small & with amnesia. But when I began remembering, they told me it was because of the abuse. “Abuse makes us more sensitive & open psychically so awakening comes more easily.” Yeah right!

From what I’ve experienced, the truth is most difficult to accept by those who make a living through “channelling” the false “light,” & they do not want to hear that they’re being deceived, because they have an enormous amount of energy invested in keeping the deception alive. To accept the truth would mean the loss of their identity as this amazing channel, as well as their income source. Who would they be without these “light beings.” But they are only hurting themselves & maintaining their enslavement. People always believe what they want to believe & if they have a vested interest in a particular belief they will hang onto it at all cost, regardless of what evidence may be presented proving a lie.

I sent the Cameron Day article, Why I No Longer Call Myself a Lightworker to a friend who went from doing workshops, to channelling one “ascended master” to channelling many. After reading the article she told me it was an “interesting concept” & she felt it was probably true, “but it’s just one person’s opinion & I’m involved in my own journey at this time.” In other words, she had too much invested in channelling a bunch of false “light” astral parasites, to give it all up, reinvent herself & claim her sovereignty. Sadly she’s not the only person I’ve encountered who would rather remain fodder than be set free. And this of course is exactly what these parasites want. In fact they’ve “banking” on humanity feeling this way.

But if I can give it all up, so can everyone else who receives messages as a voice in their head or visions, or channelling, & is making a living off the information & the energy they think is being provided by these frauds; all of which I did for twenty-seven years. The Love we feel when they’re around us is the Source Love of our own Soul being reflected back to us. The energy in a session is our own. We need to keep in mind that all these astral parasites, the various ET & false “light,” can shapeshift, morph & send holographic projections to make us believe whatever they want. I’m sure many of the “visions” I had were just holographic projections. I’m skeptical about many of the so-called pastlife memories I’ve had over the past twenty-seven years being my own too. I completely understand hesitations. For almost three decades I had hundreds of “archangels” & “ascended masters” helping me, seemingly providing energy & information during meditations, teaching Reiki & other modalities, doing readings & my Shamanic Healing sessions. In fact the “beings” told me, we need to call on them & give them our permission to help us because they they aren’t allowed to interfere with us. The “Prime Directive” & all that Star Trek stuff. Which means also, if we stop giving them permission, provided we’ve also removed all our past & present life contracts, agreements, vows etc, they have to stop interfering. I’m not just “hopeful” all this information is our ticket to freedom. I passionately excited by it.

I began to doubt channelled information was coming from True Light Beings for two reasons. One, there’s no such thing as a hierarchy within the True Light, & two, they only talked about “light” & “god,” never unconditional Love till recently & never mention Source. Important differences between false “light” & the True Light Beings is that the True Light don’t have names, plus their information comes subtly via our heart’s Inner Knowing & intuition. Never a voice or channelling or visions.

I mentioned “the Rebels” earlier. Who are they, we? We are True Light Beings of the Free Will Universe who were captured & reprogrammed, against our will, & had multiple implants inserted, including the chakra implants, to turn us into slaves of the already established astral realm control-system, an action I believe they regret. A large group of us were captured in a low vibrating web, near the Orion star system around the time of the Orion wars. Next thing I personally remember, I’m fighting with the Lords of Light against the Dark Lords of Orion. I was recruited for a mission to Earth & sent into training in the Arcturius star system to learn the many “light languages,” went to the Seat of the Order of Melchizedek to learn to be human, was transported to this solar system’s magnificent feminine Grandmother Sun & came to Earth with a Sunbeam & into one of this current 6th Race physical bodies… & the rest is herstory as they say...

We have certain “rebellious” characteristics in our DNA that the many ETs have been unsuccessful in programming out or removing from us through multiple DNA manipulation. That is, they cannot totally disconnect us from our Soul, which is achieved more thoroughly in “the children of earth” who have a “higher self,” meaning their Soul sits in their energy field, about the head, & is connected to their Heart Center via a golden cord. They also can’t completely shut down our pineal gland. It remains open, or partially open, each lifetime. They do give us greater amnesia than the “children of earth,” through those DNA manipulations & they give us a greater number of implants, but we still manage to remember aspects of who we are each earthly incarnation. How they recognize us is that our aura glows more brightly & larger than the aura of the “children of earth,” who are Souls born within the astral realm reality, & have never had incarnations within the Free Will Universe. “Rebel” commonalities include:

~ Our Soul is often hijacked prior to conception & we’re put with an abusive family, rather than the family we chose, especially if we are a woman, so we’re often severely abused as children, or perhaps most or all our lives; a large number of us were abducted from early childhood. As “Rebels” we are specifically targeted by the ETs who want to both use our DNA for their own purposes, as well as trying to remove all traces of memory of our incarnations in the Free Will Universe & who we are. We are also more psychically, & sometimes physically attacked by reptilians than the “children of earth;” MILABS human military abductions are just another level of that manipulation, however they often target“Rebels” because we’re naturally more psychically open & therefore desirable for remote viewing, telepathic communications, psychokinesis/telekinesis, etc;

~ We’re not only psychically targeted by reptilians & grays, we’re also attacked by the false “light,” cleverly disguised as recruitment & support & fed misinformation to pass on to our others;

~ We feel like we don’t belong on earth, & didn’t fit in with the school system, or any system for that matter;

~ We often long for who ever dropped us off here, obviously by mistake, to come back & get us;

~ We have trust issues. We often find it hard to trust others, & look for & expect others to betray us;

~ We believe we are here for a greater purpose; often that purpose includes “assisting the children of earth” ~ because that’s what we were programmed to believe when we were first captured;

~ And when we meet in each lifetime, we recognize each other’s Soul & we remember! And that remembering has nothing to do with other lifetimes, & is beyond time & space;

~ Most importantly though, we are the ones who “rebel” at some point in our incarnations, by refusing to conform to the status quo, & we begin to assist others to awaken.

Continued in Part 3: The Greatest Deception of Them All ~ The Ultimate Energy Harvesting System



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