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Part Three

Lies are a necessity.
They are the source of meaning, belief & hope
~ quote from Jupiter Ascending, the mostly non~fiction history of Earth


In the early 1990s I was introduced to the fact that, as a species, we are being systemically controlled through electromagnetic radio frequencies, specifically the microwave band. That control has expanded greatly since then, especially now that conveniently, virtually everyone on the planet has a cell/mobile phone, which requires microwave communication towers. However, every city has many extra towers in “use.” Far more than needed & far more powerful than needed for our cell phones. Essentially these extra towers are giant microwave ovens on a stick, capable of releasing up to 3 million watts of power. To put that in perspective, the US Federal Communication Commission (FCC) limits the amount of energy that a “normal” cell phone tower can release to 400 watts. These other towers are microwave weapons, capable of wiping out an entire city population while they sleep. Why would the elite need such towers, you may ask. Google has publicly released videos on some of the robots they’re working on, that include sturdy models to hunt down people in rough woody terrain. Insiders have said they are preparing for a “post human world” where the elite have uploaded their brains to AI.

Throughout human history mind control has been used by these astral parasites, & there has always been secret occult organizations where some Annunaki & reptilian knowledge has been passed on to those they left in charge ~ their human minions. Mind control has long been used in Russia & they openly study & encourage people with psychic abilities. Mind control “expanded” before WWII in the West using Nikola Tesla’s microwave technology, which included microwave bombs. What very few know is that the Japanese did their own brutal mind control experiments on POWs during WWII, that would have put any Nazi experiments to shame. I can only imagine their techniques were also used post war by the US in conjunction with the CIAs Project MK-Ultra mind control program, originally developed by Hitlers scientists, who were smuggled into the US, UK, Russia & Australia, before the end of the war. MK-Ultra, regularly used “sleepers” to eliminate those who actively opposed the elite &/or encouraged freedom of thought, such as John F Kennedy & his brother Robert, who tried to stop the mind control projects & wanted to shut down the Federal Reserve & give America an alternative US currency; Rev Dr Martin Luther King Jr, Malcolm X & John Lennon, just to name a few. Microwave technology can be used to make people hear voices, give them a heart attack, create cancer & so much more. Many prominent forward thinkers who have been trying to educate people about our ET origins & their ever present control have suddenly “come down” with cancer & been eliminated. Over the past two years numerous Natural Medicine doctors have been murdered in the US for daring to assist their patients to heal from cancer without drugs, thus going against Big Pharma & their agenda to drug everyone & create more sickness, especially cancer, to boost profit.

My point is, we are being controlled on many levels, & the only way we can stop any of it is by standing together, free of any mind control, & free of all energy implants, as Sovereign Beings. We are capable to taking down the astral grid, but we must be free of all the control “devices” first. Frankly I think the best thing for the planet would be if all electronic technology was taken out, like in the movie Transcendence.

I had been studying metaphysics for five years before I knew I had to learn everything there was to know about energy, the unseen dimensions, all forms of energy healing & natural medicine. The fact I would never know everything meant I would never be bored, a definite consideration for someone who has an insatiable thirst for knowledge. Crystal Healing was my first healing course, & meant that two years later when I graduated from the Wild Rose College Natural Healing with a full “toolbox” of many modalities to use, I included clearing, activating & balancing every “chakra” in each session. And not just the usual seven chakras, but with the “help” of my ascension “chakra upgrade” initiations, I worked with all eighteen major “chakras.” I have to say, I did feel a lot better when all eighteen were aligned & open, but I know now, what I was doing was just giving energy to an even wider variety & much larger number of astral parasites. And the reason I felt better, was that they were reflecting my own Soul’s frequency back to me.

Clients always felt amazing after a session, but no one ever used the tools I gave them to maintain that “amazingness” so it didn’t make much different in their lives overall. The mind control was too strong. I once asked what was the point of me doing sessions to help people who didn’t want to stay awake, & was told, “It’s not for you to judge. Your job is to plant the seed. You don’t know what impact that seed will have later. It may be their next session, or maybe it will take 100 for them to fully wake up.” That sounded logical. Now I know I was just another pawn, & they were encouraging me to continue to generate large amounts of my own energy for them to feed on.

In 1995 when I was doing my Past Life Regression Certification course, I had a reading with a friend who was visiting the instructor, no doubt to make some extra money off the students. The medium told me that my Soul’s purpose this lifetime was to work with the chakras & it’s was a vitally important part of my healing work. He was clearly “channelling” information from the false “light,” & of course I had no idea I was being manipulated at the time. It’s obvious now that everyone who works on these energy-storage/energy-harvesting devices is being manipulated. Remember, these entities give us half-truths. They told me very clearly how vitally important the “chakra” system is ~ too them. To the entities who use them to harvest our energy. Definitely not to humanity. For us they are part of our enslavement.

Given my history, if anyone was going to have a vested interest in rejecting the truth about how this very clever energy harvesting system is a major part of our enslavement, it would have been me, having consciously worked with the “aid” of so-called archangels, ascended masters & “chakras” for twenty-seven years & my Soul Journey ~ Path to the Soul manual being filled with references to all three. And yet, all it took was a mere hint of doubt about the “chakras” & instantly I knew, without a shadow of doubt, that this alone is the greatest most insidious, cunning & devious yet amazingly ingenious means for harnessing & feeding on our energy. And once I commanded they be removed, the veil between this & the unseen dimensions opened even wider. I can’t say I’m not disappointed, now that I have to virtually rewrite my over 400 page manual on reconnecting to the Soul, but to hold onto a lie is not an option for me.

For twenty seven years I practiced what I “preached.” I cleared & aligned my “chakras” every day. The side effect was that I was even more sensitive to the energy of the world around me. but I’ve been seeing & feeling astral entities all my life. Yet I felt better physically, before all twelve of my DNA strands were reconnected & I began doing crystal healing. Emotionally the only thing that changed post “chakra upgrade” was that I learned to control my daily depression & desire to not be here, created from absorbing the world’s pain. Essential oils, crystals & affirmations became to me what air & water is to others. And moving out of fear into unconditional Love simply meant I broadened the scope of who & how many were feeding on my energy. As I’ve said, the more I remembered, the more it brought me to the attention of the reptilians & meant they began more viscously psychically attacking me. Eventually I ended up with fibromyalgia & chronic fatigue. Two common conditions linked to spiritualists, new agers & lightworkers.

I found that remaining neutral, regardless of a situation, reduced psychic attacks. I’ve been practicing the Zen teaching of, “being in the world but not of the world; allowing the negativing to flow through me without affecting me,” since 1990. I felt generally better, but it never reduce the depression. However, since removing all implants, I have not have even one nano second of depression. That alone has been worth removing these implants. If you suffer with depression, removing the energy control system would be was worth experimenting with. You have nothing to lose by removing the different forms of energy control. You can always have then put back!

If you’ve ever wondered how these ET astral parasites actually harvest our energy, the system is incredibly ingenious. I can’t help but be in awe of how perfectly the “chakra” implants are designed tap into every one of our thoughts, our feelings, our motivations, intentions & desires, both fear-based & love-based, store the energy of each so it can be harvested & used either by the individual astral parasites each person has attached to them, or when in a group setting, a football game, Sunday church, a seminar, or a concert for example, the energy generated by the group is harvested & transported off planet to “feed the masses.”

While I knew that large gatherings, even our large office buildings are one way our energy is gathered, harvested & “channelled” off planet (Michael Tellinger shows in great detail how this has been going on throughout human history. Link below), it turns out there is a whole other level to this giant web of deception. For anyone brought up Catholic or Christian, you may remember the seemingly “innocent” line, “When two or more are gathered in my name there am I in the midst of them.” This means when two or more people come together with a common purpose, they are supposedly empowered through the energy of unconditional Love, which will assist anyone within the large bubble created by the people’s merged & expanded energy. My many false “light” “supporters” led me to believe this anyway. Here is another perfect example of a half-truth. These parasites certainly are in our midst when two or more gather to meditate on Love. Depending on whether the focus of a gathering is love or fear, with all our “chakras” & other implants in tact, “two or more” generate a massive amount of energy for either one of the two groups to feed on. Four people, meditating together, focused on unconditional Love, create the energy of 410 That’s the energy of 1,048,576 people. Imagine for a moment, the energy generated by a 100 people at a workshop on how to becoming more empowered & self-loving, which may be only to the power of 5, that’s 1 plus 10 zeroes. Now imagine the energy generated by 30,000 people at a football game or rock concert & then harvested, also to the power of 5. That’s the energy of 243 plus 22 zeroes.

In 1992 after a little help from my Andromedian brothers, I was knew I had to take back control of my mind. I did so & could not only see into the astral realms more clearly, I could see the entities everyone has attached to them, although I didn’t fully understand it then. Many were reptilian, but there were other entities as well. The false “light” showed up shortly afterwards to “save” me from the reptilians who had begun attacking me every night. What I now know is that, those of us who have been working on raising our vibrational frequency to free ourselves, in some cases for decades, have not freed ourselves at all. “Ascension” is just another contribution to the web of deception. A very massive one. We’ve merely provided a significantly greater food source for the false “light,” along with the dark, if we haven’t cleared all our current, other life & ancestral traumas, & healed our wounds. Imagine again the many parasites who feed on the energy generated by a football game, or a rock concert. Now imagine two people who have considerably raised their vibrational frequency providing the same number of parasites of the false “light” with energy. According to Dr David Hawkins’ Map of Human Conscious, an Avatar, a person with a consciousness frequency of 700-1000, counteracts the energy of 1 million people living at the level of fear, a frequency of 150. No wonder the false “light” “helps” new agers, lightworkers & spiritualists to “wake up” & significantly raise their vibrational frequency. When I was doing a healing session I often had over a 1000 “angels” in the room with me. Helping me, I thought. No! They were merely helping themselves to the energy I generated during the healing! I’ve known for decades & have witnessed first hand that every ashram, monastery & center where mediations are regularly held, every spiritual seminar or workshop, every “channelling session, opens a portal that attracts reptilians, as well as the so-called “angels” & ascended masters” being “channelling. I thought it was merely that opportunistic entities came through the portals & psychically attacked people during the meditation &/or possessed them, as I had done many exorcisms on people who had been possessed in such circumstances. What I didn’t know till recently, is that these places are generating a massive amount of energy for both sides to harvest & feed on. Those specifically targeted are people with vows, blood oaths, compulsions, covenants & the like, imposed on them between incarnations. Given the level of deception going on, how could it be anything other than this way!

Does the fact that I would have hundreds or even over a thousand false “light” parasites attached to me during a healing, give you a clue as to how truly powerful we all are. No wonder they are afraid of those of us spreading the truth, & actively try to stop us! Even more so now that “they” know, in my case anyway, eliminating me won’t help them, because I won’t be returning to the astral realms to provide more food in any future incarnations. They would be doing me a huge favor. Which means I’m relatively safe. More likely they will influence others they still control to ignore or even discredit me! Which has already happened.

That we use the term “kundalini awakening” when a person goes through a spiritual awakening or spiritual emergence, defined as the “sleeping serpent uncoils & rises, from the first chakra, traveling up the spine to the 3rd eye,” should have been a major clue as to the nature of these implants. Plus we need only consider where the information about them came from: the “gods” of India. The same Annunaki “gods” of every ancient culture who are known by different names. Remember it’s all about energy. Our very specific human energy. The following will give you some idea of what flavors of energy are expressed through each energy center/chakra implant, stored in that center, then harvested & used to feed both dark & false “light” astral parasites. The list is incomplete but you’ll get the idea. Remember, it’s the energy of the various thoughts, feelings, motivations, intentions & desires. Love-based energies are fed on by the false “light. Fear-based energies are fed on by all the others.


Base Chakra ~ dark: energy created from lust/abusive (rape, molestation), & ritual sex; pornography, masturbation, sex without unconditional Love; sex not based on mutual agreement, ie where one gives in to please the other or where one takes advantage of & manipulates the other; birth & death; fear of death, murder, war; any energy that is survival based; false “light”: spiritual, loving, caring “love making;”
For almost 20 years I’ve seen barbed wire around/inside the genitals of clients. While I knew that sex obviously connected people to these parasites & was feeding the dark somehow, I didn’t understand the implications of this until I saw this greater truth.

Sacral ~ dark: black magic: curses, spells, hexes, compulsions & other rituals, rites & ceremonies intended to cause harm + the resulting stress (energy) felt by the recipient of such rituals; false “light”: ‘white’ magic & spiritual, new age rituals, rites & ceremonies; energy generated by habits;

Solar Plexus ~ dark: fear & all its many flavors: anger, hatred, vengeance, worry, stress etc; energy stored in the Pain Body & Fear Body, both anchored at the solar plexus; all forms of abuse & bullying, violence, manipulation, dishonesty, deception, lies; outrage, self-righteous indignation at injustices; group energy from sports games, heavy metal & other hate music concerts, etc; energy stealing from others; horror & violent movies; false “light”: all love-based feelings: kindness, caring, generosity etc, group energy generated from spiritual gatherings, workshops, meditations etc;

Heart ~ dark: regret, jealousy, envy, pride, boasting, depression, sadness, apathy, procrastination, self-harm, self-doubt, self-hatred/loathing, death-wish & suicide; alcohol, drug, food, OCD, video games, social media & all other addictions; energy connected to religious or “demonic/satanic adoration, worship & devotion & their group gatherings; energy generated during medical consultations: both allopathic & natural, surgical operations; healing sessions by those controlled by reptilians etc; false “light”: spiritual adoration, worship & devotion of gurus, teachers, “masters,” & their gatherings; addictions to such people & resulting neediness; energy generated during healing sessions of a therapist successfully recruited by the false “light;”

Throat ~ dark: energy of fear~based words; words intended to cause harm; sarcasm, profanities; low vibrational words with supposed positive meanings, eg wicked/sick; energy generated from religious sermons etc; hate song lyrics, false “light”: ‘positive’ love-based words of encouragement; energy generated from spiritual teaching; love-based song lyrics, love story movies

3rd Eye ~ dark: fear-based thoughts that lead to anger, rage, fear, hatred, worry, stress, etc; thoughts related so satanic/”demonic” worship, adoration & worship; false ‘light’: all loving thoughts; thoughts related to spiritual worship, adoration & devotion

Crown: Access point

The energy from all dis-ease, especially cancer & other life threatening & terminal illness affects multiple chakra implants, so depending on the dis-ease, it will add energy to one or more chakras to be used by the dark. They absolutely “love” the energy of cancer & heart attacks, which are at an all time high.

What do you think would happen if those implants were removed? The parasites would obviously no longer have access to our energy? I’ve been chakra implant free for some time now & the side effects have been nothing short of miraculous. Humans are energy based Beings. You know this already. We automatically absorb the energy of everyone around us, all the time, 24/7, even when we’re sleeping. Virtually no one knows they would benefit from consciously clearing their auric field daily. Consequently energy builds up in your auric field, ad infinitum. Plus, virtually no one is grounded, which only provides the parasites with even more access to your energy.

I can’t guarantee you won’t still be attacked even after commanding the implants gone. I find one or two new psychic implants every morning ~ I’ve always found psychically attacking us while we’re sleeping particularly cowardly. I had only been psychically minimally by the reptilians for many years, but the attacks increased again dramatically when I began writing about all this, which told me I was on the “right” path, & was/is another compliment. However, as I command that all involved be sent to the Galactic Core for recycling every time I’m attacked, the attacks have lessoned, which tells me it’s working.

IIn 1992 I created a mantra that assists with grounding & minimizes the mind control. The short version is to tap your thymus gland & say I claim mySelf, meaning you’re claiming your Soul. There’s a lot more involved in the clearing/healing process than what I’m providing here, but the basics will get you started. I can’t say you won’t have anything to lose by trying it, because in fact you’ll being losing a lot. You’ll be giving up the entire energy harvesting system these parasites have been using to steal & feed on your energy since shortly after your birth. However, if you don’t like how it feels, you can always bring them back again. If you do feel more empowered, it’s imperative that you remain vigilant & continue to remove any & all implants they put in while you’re sleeping, & ground yourself to the Heart of Mother Earth, every single day & remove the mind control cords from the top of you head. The price for forgetting is that the mind control will grow stronger, perhaps not to the level of before you removed all implants, but you won’t be 100% you. I know because I feel & see those chords every morning, & even notice they put more in during the day when I’m writing in an effort to stop me. We can also command the implants be removed from our children. A tiny example of our true power is that I removed all implants from my grandson before he was born. I checked since he was born & there’s no chakras, & I will continue to monitor him as he grows.

A vital part of the process of claiming your sovereignty is to send all the astral entities involved in putting in implants & mind control cords while you’re sleep, to the Galactic Core for recycling. Also send your “personal feeders” who have been harvesting the energy from your “chakra” implants your whole life. It sends a clear message that you are sovereign & are no longer available for their control. Verbally declare your sovereignty. Either, I am a sovereign Being & I am off limits, or simply, I am sovereign, & I am off limits, or my personal favorite, I am sovereign. I am the most powerful being in the Universe. Mess with me & I will send you to the Galactic Core for recycling. I find the last version particularly empowering. It always makes me smile & feel a rush of energy rise from the Heart of Mother Earth in support. I suggest you “try on” all three & see which one feels right for you. We are all “the most” powerful being in the Universe, because we are all One. But we can’t be so unless we command it & take back our inner power & authority. Also remember to consciously clear your auric field during your daily shower. Swimming in the ocean or even just walking on the beach or in close proximity to a water fall are excellent ways to clear your auric field. And ground to the three Great Mothers, Earth, Sun & Galactic Core, every morning. And throughout the day when you notice yourself becoming ungrounded, tap your thymus gland & say I claim mySelf.”


The Head~Brain: Seat of the Pineal Gland which gives us access to the multiverse; located above the 3rd eye center; Crystals: Herkimer & Tibetan Diamonds, Selenite, Seraphinite; & its Note is A7.

Heart~Brain: Seat of the Soul, & doorway to Source Consciousness; located just below the thymus gland which controls the immune system (along with the spleen). The heart’s magnetic field is 5000 times stronger than the brain’s magnetic field. This EM field generates our aura. When the heart is weak, so too is our aura. When our Soul is fully anchored in our Heart, Love is activated in our lives on every level. When we ground to the Heart of Mother Earth & connect with the Heart of Grandmother Sun & the Great Mother of the Galactic Core Earth Plane in the Infinite Moment of the Present on a daily basis, we experience the direct power of unconditional Source Love in our lives. With practice, we move consistently through life attuned with the Intention of Spirit. When thoughts (Masculine) & intuition/emotions (Feminine) are no longer antagonistic, we begin to live in & through Heart Coherence & Inner Peace. Color: depends on the Soul’s function or True Divine Purpose (not the “purpose” the “lords of karma” told you prior to your birth); Crystals: Eudialyte, Heulandite, Ruby, Seriphos Green Quartz; & it’s note is A3.

Of note, the Thymus Gland is connected with aging & death of the body & is part of the ET manipulation to make us live shorter lives than what we would without DNA manipulation & interference. By tapping the thymus every day we help to keep the thymus activated & slow down the shrinking process, thereby potentially slowing down the aging process. It is said that certain initiations also keep the thymus gland activated which also potentially slow down aging. But that’s just one of the rewards by the false “light” for helping them have more of your energy to feed on.

Belly~Brain: Seat of our Power, harnesses the energy of all our bodies, potentially; our grounding point to the Heart of Mother Earth; Crystals: Golden Labradorite, Obsidian, Smokey & Rutilated Quartz; & it’s note is D4

These 3 centers make up our True Power energy system. I see each one flow in a figure 8, infinity spiral, & when united as one through the Heart, we experience Heart Resonance, which allows us greater access to Source Consciousness, Unconditional Love, Oneness & Unity.

Once you remove all the "chakra" & any others implants, the next step is to heal past wounds & trauma, reconnect more fully with your Soul, as you continue to ground, remove any daily implants & claim your sovereignty. As you “shed” old patterns, the manipulation will become so blatantly obvious, & you’ll wonder how you didn’t see it before. If you would like assistance with clearing & healing your wounds & traumas, I provide skype sessions.


When we surround ourselves in low vibrating energy, which comes from a wide variety of sources including, food, water, air, fear-based thoughts & feelings, music & people, we are more affected by electromagnetic radiation (EMR), & we are the ideal food source for these parasites. If on the other hand, we surround ourselves with high vibrating energy frequencies in all those same areas, plus we have no attachments, no implants, & no wounds or traumas for the astral parasites to attach to, we make ourselves unpalatable to them. And as I’ve already said, if 8000 of us got together, we could clear the astral grid from Mother Earth & send all these entities packing, essentially creating a “golden age!” Aho!


Michael Tellinger, Fremantle 2016
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Ian R Crane, 2012 Open Mind Conference
Annunaki Base Discovered in the Bucegi Mountains, Romainia ~ The Giant Aliens that Created Mankind
Cameron Day Tell the "lords of karma" to go take a hike...I am Sovereign



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