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Excerpt from Soul Journey ~ Path to the Soul Course Manual

Resolutions, especially New Years resolutions are frequently made at the beginning to a new year, only to be put aside & forgotten within the first few weeks. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to begin this year of Infinite Possibilities feeling lighter, more clear & without the endless challenges of the past haunting us! Forgiveness offers this.

We all have wounds & for many of us there are unspeakable traumas of childhood abuse that haunt our waking moments, weighing us down & interfering with our relationships by ‘making’ us suspicious & always looking for that next attack or being abandoned or betrayed.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to release the burden of those hurts & traumas allowing us to be free so that we can finally move forward & truly create the endless possibilities we are capable of creating, with & through the support of the universe. We can choose to do this or continue to be stuck in the past because of our story & the wounds we refuse to let of. Because how can we fulfill our Life Purpose if we refuse to forgive to let go of the past?

How can any of us move forward with the intention of creating a world of peace, if we refuse to let go of the story of our own painful past experiences? It has to begin with us - by creating inner peace first. And it all begins with forgiveness!

It’s the story of our past that causes all of our suffering. People become so attached to maintaining the story of their wounds that it becomes their reality of the world. But it’s not the world causing our suffering, stress or trauma, it’s our beliefs. What if we let go of all of our stories, who would we be then?  Could we let go of our stories?

Ultimately it’s the story that limits us, keeping us locked in the wounds of the past, keeping us bound to & stuck not only in the past with no place else to go, but connected energetically to the person or people connected with the source of original abuse. It’s like the opposite of wearing rose-colored glasses, where instead of seeing only the ‘rosy’ niceties, seeing only negativity when there is none.

When we hold unforgiveness in our heart, when we focus on those who have hurt us, we are giving them power over us & maintaining the energetic connection we have with them, in essence allowing them to continue taking our energy & our personal power. When we forgive it’s not for them, but for us, because we want to finally be free from the power they have over us. We desire to break that energetic connection once & for all. We’re not forgiving the act of violence, what they did. We are forgiving ourselves & them as an individual, so that we can both be set free.

When we let go of all our stories, all the regrets, the sorrows & blame, the suffering would no longer exist. We are like an empty harddrive, free to experience the infinite possibilities life in this human form has to offer. The possibilities are literally endless. There are an infinite number of ways we can experience Joy & Love & peace & abundance…

We cannot hold Love & any flavor of fear in our hearts at the same time. The attachment to our story makes fear the strongest emotion, & the stronger emotion always cancels out the weaker one, regardless of what we tell ourselves & others.

The great Indian teacher Nisargadatta was once asked, “How can you be so smug when there are so many bad things going on in your world & in your life?” And he replied, “Madam in my world, nothing ever goes wrong.”

Albert Einstein said the most important decision we had to make is whether we believe we live in a friendly or a hostile universe. Cell Biologist Dr Bruce Lipton says those vital nine months in the womb followed by the first seven years of life lay down the foundation of our unconscious patterns & determine whether we live in growth or protection, for the rest of our lives. Bruce also says the pattern of the need to protect can be changed, but that it takes a lot of hard work & commitment to change that pattern & release the energy associated with the pattern, something I can confirm is true.

Over time, the constant stress cause from always looking for that next attack weakens the nervous system, Chakras, the Universal Web, our immune system & our cellular repair mechanism. In addition, always talking about ‘the enemy,’ keeping the stories alive, maintaining a reason to be afraid & defensive through attracting the source of the focus—the ‘evil’ that caused that first need for protection—assures that the pattern stays ‘alive.’ Remember where our attention goes, our energy flows & whatever we resist, we attract more of the same to us.

Despite our inherited traumas from the past, our own other life & current life traumas wounds & scars, like it or not, we all create our reality. Not everyone is aware that they create the whole of their reality but most people will take credit for creating the ‘good’ stuff, while saying that the perceived ‘bad’ stuff someone else created. It’s far easier to blame someone else for our experiences in life than to take 100% responsibility for creating them ourselves.

For those willing to accept responsibility for everything in their lives & who have a desire to change, to focus upon & create a reality based on Self-Love & Inner Peace, the question we must ask is: how do I make myself suffer & what am I getting out of it by hanging onto the story of my past? What’s making me choose to suffer rather than moving on with my life?

Drawing The Line ~ Ending The Story

There comes a point then when, if we truly want to see Peace & Unity in the world around us, we must be willing to do more than merely talk about it. We must be willing to let go of the past & stop trying to make others feel guilty. We can’t change the past from a place of separation.

And, forgiveness is the key!

True forgiveness requires intention along with a willingness & commitment to release the past. But we must do more than just talk about forgiveness. We must live it.

We must be prepared to say, “I am willing to forgive & let go of the past.” We must stop talking about some far off future moment ‘out there’ when we might see enough Peace in the world around us to allow ourselves to feel Peace, because only then will we give up our need to punish those we blame for our pain. But until then we’ll look for reasons to defend & protect ourselves.

Where do we draw that line? At what point do we say there’s been enough suffering now, it ends with me? I don’t want my children or their children, or any more of my future generations to believe they’re victims. I will do whatever it takes to create peace, harmony & equanimity within me, here, now. Therefore I am willing to connect with the Love that I am & I will hold Unity & Oneness in my heart, because I know I can’t see & experience Love, Peace & Unity in the world around me until it’s first within me.

Forgiving The Past Affirmation
Begin by writing down everyone you think/feel has wronged you since childhood. As you say the affirmation out loud, hold the intention, & see, sense, feel or imagine that each person is finally being releasing totally & completely from your life. Include yourself in the list, because most importantly, & above all else, we need to forgive ourselves.

The following is an adaptation a forgiveness affirmation Doreen Virtue gives at the end of Healing with the Angels. Repeat it at least 3 times while visualizing each person on your list. You will feel a subtle shift when you have released the person through forgiveness.

Forgiveness Affirmation
I forgive you & I release you
I hold no forgiveness back
My forgiveness for you is total
I am free & you are free.



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