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I realize that many will have resistance to the following, because humanity has been conditional for thousands of years to believe that our Sun is masculine; & the moon is real & feminine, when in fact it is neither... & that the feminine is cold, dark & negative. The truth is, we've been lied to & manipulated by those who control this planet, & who twisted everything to the reverse of what it truly is, & who made all things feminine ugly, worthless & undesirable but lustworthy. Something no woman wants to be, but men desire to have power over, to control & possess. Where if you do "good" honest work, focused in & on integrity & unconditional Love, to assist humanity, you are psychically attacked & blocked, kept down & struggling. While those who rip others off, those who are abusive, manipulative & harsh are rewarded. I know you see this, but no one wants to talk about it.

As a Medicine Carrier & Empty Vessel for Source Consciousness to come through, my "job" is to reveal the lies & bring forth the Truth. And so it is that I am here to honor the Feminine & restore Her to Her true place/space as the Divine Goddess within both women & men.


Close your eyes, tap the center of your chest over your Heart Center & say “I claim mySelf”
Place your left hand over your Heart Center
Place your tongue on the roof of you mouth.

Now, focus your attention on your Heart Center & imagine, see & feel your Spirit residing in your heart as a Flame, which is pure unconditional Love
Imagine your Spirit’s frequency & color as that Flame
Imagine this color expanding to fill every cell & every atom of your body
Then imagine it expanding to surround you in a bubble of your own Essence.

Now, imagine connecting Heart's radiant Spirit energy, to the Heart of Mother Earth.
Send a beam of your Spirit’s Radiant energy down your right leg & “anchor” it to the Heart of Mother Earth
Feel Her Loving energy. Mother Earth gives life to everything on & within Her body, feel that & thank her for the loving support She gives you
Complete the circuit by bringing the energy of the Heart of Mother Earth up through your left foot to your to your Navel ~ Power Center
Feel the powerful Loving, strength & grounding Mother Earth provides you.

Now imagine connecting with the Heart of Grandmother Sun, either directly through your Heart Center, or by sending a beam of you Heart’s Radiant energy out through the top of your head to merge with the Heart of Grandmother Sun
Feel Her soft yet powerful life giving energy
Grandmother Sun gives life & continuous energy to everything in this entire Solar System, thank Her for Her illuminating you with Her life~giving Light
Complete the circuit & bring Her energy back down to ground & sit in your Naval Power Center
Feel the powerful supportive Loving strength She provides & adds to you own Inner Power anchored at your Navel Center.

Now repeat the process ~ either connect directly through your Heart Center to the Heart of the Great Mother of the Galactic Core, or send a beam of your Heart's radiant Soul energy out through the top of your head to merge with the Heart of the Great Mother of the Galactic Core
Acknowledge Her life giving Power with gratitude
The Great Mother of the Galactic Core give live & continuous energy to the entire galaxy
Complete the circuit by brining Her magnificent powerful transforming energy back to ground in your Navel Power Center.
Feel the supportive Loving power She adds to you own Inner Power, anchored at your Navel Center

Remember to call forth a vortex of Galactic Core energy down & anchor it around you, so that you become a conduit of Love for the Great Galactic Mother. Also use this vortex to send all those astral parasites who put the "chakra" & other implants into your energy bodies, as well as any other astral entity who repeatedly uses mind control to limit you.

Removing Implants



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