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Traditionally throughout human history, our ancestors celebrated transitions or significant events in their lives. The birth of a child, the name giving, coming of age or Rite of Passage, union of a couple and passing over, & with each an initiation or some kind of ritual was typically shared with loved ones, the tribe or even the community as a whole to commemorate those significant occasions.

The naming of your child is a special & sacred occasions. All words have their own unique energy vibration & names carry their their own energy signature that is connected to the Soul. The name you give your child is their unique energy signature, one they will carry with them for the rest of their life & will be a big part of making them the unique, wonderful person they are to become.

It is said that the child actually chooses their name and given the meanings of names & how we associate names with 'fitting' a person. Perhaps this is true. How many times have you heard, "Oh yes, he looks like a Bret," or "She looks like a Megan." Little 'angels' may become Angela, or Angelica. The meaning of names often 'fit' a person & describe some aspect of who they are, along with their life purpose.

A Naming Ritual is not only the special time where the name is officially bestowed upon your child, it's also the occasion where your family & friends come together to celebrate the joyous occasion of his or her birth.

The Naming Ritual itself can be as simple or elaborate as you choose it to be. You may want to have friends or family members who will stand with the child, committing to support & mentor them throughout their life - similar to the Christian tradition of 'God parents.'

In ancient times & in some cultures today we had/have extended families, where the whole extended family assisted with the raising of a child. These days in this Western culture, we rarely have that luxury, so to have a couple or two people you love & trust, who would be willing to support your child in their growing years, & who would be willing to share their wisdom with your child is very special. Perhaps it might be an Aunt & Uncle or maybe a segregate 'Aunt & Uncle,' or perhaps close friends.

Whatever way you choose to celebrate the naming of your child, I would love to be part of the celebration.



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