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For me, Marriage is the ultimate union of opposites, the Sacred Union between the masculine and feminine as well as the union of the physical and Spirit. Marriage is the union of two people who have grown so much in Love that they choose to formally and publicly share their commitment with their family and friends. In many cases because they've chosen to take their relationship to the next level of commitment.

There may come a time in your married life together when you want to renew your commitment to one another. A time when you want to re-affirm your love for one another through re-stating your vows or creating new ones. Perhaps it is a special anniversary, a time when your children have grown and left home. A time when you are starting over in some way.

A re-affirmation ritual can be a sacred ceremony that expresses who you both are NOW after all your years together. It may include your children & may be a time when you express how grateful you are to have had such wonderful children & how especially grateful you are for one another.

You may duplicate you original ceremony, sharing this re-affirmation ritual by having the same attendants you had when you got married. Or it may be a way to express where you want your future years to go, something unique & 'new.'

A re-affirmation ritual is a special ceremony when you can renew your vows and rekindle the flame of Love's passion.

My role in the re-affirmation ceremony is to support you in creating your perfect ceremony and helping to make it reality. I also hold the space for this special occasion: the public re-affirmation of your unconditional Love & re-commitment to one another.



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