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Everyone is unique with different needs, & no one modality works for or suits everyone. For this reason Mesheril has an eclectic approach to healing, having studied & mastered many modalities & energy healing techniques to support your varied needs.

Mesheril brings 27+ years of practical therapeutic healing experience to her sessions, intuitively using the modality or modalities including her own, Micro-Fusion Holographic Healing™, that will best support your unique needs.

Known as the Healer's Healer, a Medicine Carrier, Truth Seeker, Mover & Shaker, Spirit Midwife & Love Catalyst, Mesheril works on all levels, clearing & harmonizing the physical, mental, emotional & spiritual bodies, & all 12 layers of the auric field. Her healing sessions integrate ancient Shamanic wisdom, including chanting & sound, as well as Eastern & Western therapeutic understandings of energy. Specializing in the reunification of the Sacred Inner Family: Inner Feminine, Inner Masculine & Divine Child, Mesheril merges with Source Consciousness to become an empty vessel for the highest truth to come forth to assist you to re-member & embody who you truly are. Once the Sacred Inner Family are reunited, all outer relationships also begin to come into harmony.

Alignment with your Spirit, or True-Self, begins through releasing mind control & all energy harvesting implants, most especially the so-called "chakras," retrieving all Soul fragments, clearing the Holographic Web, releasing thoughtform attachments, limiting beliefs & dysfunctional patterns, clearing the path to reconnecting with your Spirit-Self & remembering who you truly are. Mesheril provides tools to maintain reconnection with Spirit tools that support clarity, being fully grounded in the Present Moment ~ which is absolutely vital to maintaining personal freedom, Self-Love & self-acceptance, which leads to the ability to choose happiness & joy, while experience Inner Peace & harmony. Raising your personal vibrational frequency is necessary in the process of reclaiming your multi-dimensional True-Self, your Spirit.

A long distance healing begins with clearly the energy bodies, a Soul Retrieval & integration with the Spirit's True~Self, & clearing the outer most layers of disharmony & fragmentation on the etheric levels. This is followed by Skype sessions, which include JourneyWork & Past Life Regression to release known limiting beliefs & dysfunctional patterns. Sessions generally last 3 hours. The ideal is to have three sessions to cover the basics, but more may be necessary depending on how much work you have previously done on yourself. Grounding to the Heart of the Three Great Mothers.


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