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Mesheril ManyFeathers' life's work focuses on supporting humanity to awaken consciously to the truth of who we are & why are are here, freeing ourselves from all binds & limitations, physical, mental, emotional & spiritual, activating Unconditional Love, Oneness & Unity, be-coming self-empowered while restoring our inner authority, through releasing the many binds & implants that keep humanity powerless, through limiting beliefs & dysfunctional patterns that have caused wounds & trauma still held with the body energetically, on a cellular level.

Everyone is searching for 'something.' For some it is communion with their Higher Power, for others it is to know & express their True Self, their Spirit. Whatever that 'something' is, finding it, touching it, Be-coming it, creates an internal state of Happiness, Peace, Harmony, Equanimity & ultimately Unconditional Love & acceptance of the Self, & eventually living in the supreme state of Joy & Bliss.

The Transformational Healing Journey begins when you begin to question who you are, where you came from, why you are here & what is your purpose? And it begins with where you are in the present moment. It is an inner journey, one Mesheril calls, Soul Journey ~ Path to the Soul, begins with learning to Love & accept yourself as you are, unconditionally, & involves a daily visualization & intention setting practice; looking at & exploring childhood, pastlife memories & programming, as well as ancestral trauma, held deep within the unconscious mind & stored energetically within the cellular memory of the body.

These limiting beliefs & dysfunctional patterns, hidden out of sight from the conscious mind, seep out into everyday life & are expressed as blaming others, angry confrontation, martyrdom, victimhood & manipulation to get one's way, all of which are ultimately intended to steal energy from others ~ unconsciously for most people. When we see & react strongly to these qualities in others, it's because these are our own denied qualities being reflected back to us. It takes courage & self-honesty to begin the process of healing these patterns.

As Above, So Below: humans steal energy from one another, because their energy is being stolen from them, via a very sophisticated energy implant system, known as the chakras (athough there are numerous other implants a person has that are designed to limit & control them), which are energy vortexes that gather a person's various thoughts, feelings (the union of a thought plus one of the two emotions, either love or fear), motives, intentions & desires, & are absorbed by attached enities (both dark & false "light), who generally have many "friends" connected to them.

Through the process of guided transformation, the old self begins to shed its once hidden layers, gradually 'dying' to be reborn as the True-Self ~ our Spirit, anchored into the Heart Center ~ one of our three true energy centers. During the process, Mesheril accesses the Original Cell Essence, repairing any damage & assists clients to clear all patterns that no longer serve the new emerging True-Self.

Change can be rapid when all energy implants are removed & the Sacred Inner Family is reawakened & reunited. Once all fragments of the Soul have been retrieved, the Personality is realigned with one's Spirit~Self on all levels ~ physical, mental & emotional levels ~ which are re-aligned with Spirit. Thus begins the process of self-realization: knowing that you are One with Universal Source Consciousness.

In addition to the Soul Journey ~ Path to the Soul Course, Mesheril offers long distant healing sessions via Skype.

Mesheril's mission & that of Shaman~Oasis Transformation Healing Center, a division of the Love & Unity Foundation, is to provide a safe environment, an Oasis, where the body, mind & Spirit can be nurtured & lovingly supported to blossom back into unity & wholeness on all levels, which is your birth right.

The Phoenix is one symbol Mesheril uses to symbolize the transformational healing process that creates the ultimate paradigm shift, representing the death of the old egoic self & the rebirth of a new integrated self-empowered, Source-Self, able to live in harmony with all humanity, Gaia our Earth Mother & All Our Relations. Aho Mitakuye Oyasin

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