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Sometimes it's the very people who no one imagines anything of
can do the things that no one can imagine.

~ Alan Turing, Inventor of the first computer, Mathematician, Philosopher, Codebreaker, Visionary

- Mesheril I think of you often with much love and gratitude. I continue daily with healthful practices and meditation. I'm doing and taking everything you recommended. My right ear has stopped ringing and has unblocked. My left ear has improved to how it was. My eyes are much better, my dermatitis is also much better. I feel clearer stronger and not so fatigued. Mentally much stronger and more empowered.
And 3 weeks later: My hearing so much better. I love hearing music again. I have so much more energy and pain is gone. Feeling clearer, so much more empowered. My husband has been listening and acting on your recommendations too. He just had scans and his doctor was amazed at how some of the growth had shrunk. I have spread your wisdom to other people in your name. Thank you for your persistence in getting me to hear you! i trust and love you without any reservation. Patricia, NSW Australia

- If I were Neo in The Matrix...Mesheril ManyFeathers would be my Morpheus, bearer of true but, unfortunate news. Trinity would be my mental illness, something that sets me apart from humans so blatantly obvious which makes me act very strange, however in the end it did lead me to Mesheril ManyFeathers. Everyone is a potential Agent of The Matrix. The Oracle would be Mesheril ManyFeathers's website, which can be found by googling her name. Agent Smith represents the 800,000,000,000+ parasites living off our evil chakras... Kenny L, California

- Dr Mesheril has spent hours and hours in research and training, often helping people at no charge responding and researching and emailing all kinds of information. She helped me a lot...more than anyone else has, spent a couple hours sending an email jam packed with helpful information. Thank you again for helping me so much Dr Mesheril. Kristie, USA

- Mesheril has a natural inborn talent, and her work is Intuitive. She is able to go into the depth of a person's psyche and clear the negative vibrations and do some of the most extraordinary hearings, which no drugs/medicines can cure. Her manner of healing is really unique, and above all she empathizes with her clients. She is a gift to humanity. Dr Sunder, India

- My wife and I have been exploring the physical and metaphysical realms of experience for a number of years now and it has led us along many roads and paths. We have been privileged to work with a number of great healers and teachers from a range of backgrounds. We have found the work and teachings Mesheril has given us to have been transformational and has assisted us in living a life of happiness. Along with philosophical teachings Mesheril has worked with us on light body activation and past life regression.

The culmination has undoubtedly facilitated profound change in our lives. I personally have had physical healing that has followed her sessions and most notably my intuition and awareness has opened dramatically. I can now tune into my patients with clarity and confidence. This has helped me to improve my quality and scope of practice that has led to achieving greater results with patients. I could not have previously imagined how clearly I could feel energy moving around me as I do now. The thing we both love about Mesheril is that we never feel judged by her. This has allowed me personally to open up to her and share the deepest parts of myself that need to be illuminated, while feeling safe and nurtured.

We are infinitely grateful for Mesheril and for the love and guidance she has given and continues to give us as an equal. Infinite Love and Gratitude, Dr Adam W, Curumbin, Australia

- I have had 2 sessions with Mesheril over a period of 2 years, both utterly transformational. She brought all levels of my body into alignment and helped me to understand that as a bridge between the various human races, my purpose is to bring unity (I am part Australian Aboriginal, part Caucasian and part Polynesian). This had a strong ring of truth and has not only helped me to accept who I am but has given me a direction and purpose in life I have never had before. I am so grateful to Mesheril for her ability to see the truth. It is obvious to me she is connecting with my soul and the divine. Darren, Mullumbimby, Australia
- During one session with Mesheril, a deeply hidden inhibiting belief was uncovered and removed. Immediately afterwards I noted that my voice had taken on a more confident quality. I also felt a greater sense of alignment with the flow of my life, for which I am very grateful. Brian R, Ocean Shores, Australia

- I had three sessions with Mesheril and each time I have felt a lot of energy shift within me. OrthoBionomy eliminated chronic neck pain that I'd had for over a year and a half, and the suggested stretches are maintaining it. Raya R, Ocean Shores, Australia

- The caliber of Mesheril's work is unlike any I have ever experienced before with anyone. I've been to many therapists and healers over the years, some helped, but none took me to the level of this amazing healer has. She completely changed my life, forever. I look better, feel better, am more confident and life is wonderful without all my old struggles, fears and baggage. Julie M, Airlie Beach, Australia

- I have known Mesheril since 1997. During that time Mesheril has acted as my therapist and healer, my teacher (Reiki and massage), also to my great delight, she become a close and cherished friend.

- In 1997, I suffered a serious life-crisis that threatened my capacity to enjoy a positive and fruitful life. In fact, as a diabetic, it threatened my life, period. Disenchanted with Western medicine, I had decided to seek out non-traditional therapies and discovered Mesheril’s Clinic and Dispensary in Vancouver, Canada here we both lived.
From the beginning, Mesheril exhibited sound knowledge and incredible insight into the complexity of my condition, which I ignorantly assumed to be primarily physical. She maintained a professional and compassionate attitude while creating a degree of trust that I had never experienced with health practitioners before, and which I would normally insist on only with close friends. I can only guess at the tenacity, strength, knowledge and care required in order to effect the changes Mesheril did for me in my life: for me it was miraculous.

The concrete positive changes in my diabetic control and treatment have been permanent. Most importantly, though I did not understand this at the time, Mesheril assisted me to reclaim a positive and responsible role in my own life. From this foundation, I have learned to live in a high degree of self-responsibility and love. It opened me to seeing the richness and beauty of life that had previously appeared as a dangerous and threatening enemy.

Without that experience, I would have been incapable of the successes I have experienced in recent years. Since 1998, when a friendship started to develop, I have remained very close with Mesheril and witnessed many changes in her life. Mesheril's dedication, her tenacity, determination, capacity to persist through difficulty, and to stand up for what is just, even in the face of adversity, have been great sources of inspiration to me.

Mesheril is both an extremely talented and knowledgeable healer, and is someone who is clearly dedicated to improving humanity through effecting positive change in the lives of the people she touches. Mesheril is a beautiful, powerful and empowering woman who makes an invaluable contribution to her environment. I am very grateful to know her, and proud to call her a friend. Matthew C (BA Hons), Vancouver, Canada


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