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Excerpt from Soul Journey ~ Path to the Soul Course Manual


Thousands of years ago the Goddess was worshipped. The Sun, the giver of life in this solar system, was known to be a mighty Feminine Being, & Spirit was known to be Feminine.

Than came written language in its many forms & with it, double & hidden meanings, lies, deception, misdirection… & the beginning of the destruction of the Goddess & the Divine Feminine. Images portrayed 'gods' slaying goddesses & eventually one 'god' would be worshiped & the systematic annihilation of the Goddess & all things feminine was virtually complete. Eventually all that would remain was a token acknowledgment of the Goddess through the Virgin Mary by the Catholic Church & the Black Madonna in the Mediterranean. Later the Black Madonna would be adopted by Black women, especially in America.

Temples dedicated to the Goddess were replaced with temples to gods/god. Armies, “god’s crusaders” were created by the Vatican for one purpose: to destroy all traces of the Divine Feminine & the Goddess, annihilating millions of men, women & children who dared to believe in something other than what the Pope, the Catholic church & the Vatican told them they could believe. Thousands of women were burned or drowned as witches & heretics, most of whom were herbalists, midwives or natural healers. But remember, the word “believe” has lie in the middle. Language has always been used to create spells, lies, deception & mis-direction with its hidden & double meanings. The greeting hello means “go to hell” & good morning means “good mourning.” Human originally meant a colored slave. Today we are all calling ourselves slaves. Person comes from persona, a fictional character you played on a stage, derived from Latin referring to a theatrical mask.

And thus began the "eternal battle" between men & women on this planet… "woman" a name that means man with a womb. Could there be a more degrading word used to describe the Creative Principle of all life & a Being who carries the Goddess, the Divine Feminine, as well as the Divine Masculine within her, in the form of true harmony & equanimity? Women were feared because they could bring life into the world without a man. Man came from women. She was not created from a man’s rib. Yes the “immaculate conception” was real, but all women once had that power, not just a few special ones. It wasn’t until the 1700s that men who called themselves scientists were finally able make the world believe women need men to conceive & create new life.

However, the illusion of duality & opposites only exits in this astral-matrix reality, purposely creating polarization, separation & dissonance, instead of peace, Love & harmony. Billions of people are caught up in this "eternal battle," perpetuating a fear-based war that keeps men & women in constant competition & at odds with one another, never realizing there is an alternative.

And yet, within this false astral construct, all opposites do belong together & as such, are inseparable. You can't have a mountain without a valley, a wave that doesn't have a top & bottom, a front that doesn't have a back, light without dark, day without night, hot without cold, life without death, chaos without order, or feminine without masculine. All opposites create one inseparable whole.

A major focus of my Life's Work has been the study of the "eternal battle" & the reunification of these perceived opposites, the Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine, along with the Divine Child, to create one harmonious, unified form internally, what I call the Sacred Inner Family, which is then reflected externally within all relationships, where both male & female are truly equal. However, it must begin with how we relate to ourselves.

It's important to look at some of the more recent history of this "eternal battle" & how it's been used & continues to be used to promote an imaginary battle, while manipulating & controlling humanity. It’s not that long ago our ancestors fought for the rights we women take for granted today. Awareness is an important first step in all healing processes.

For thousand of years, women had no rights. Until recently (only the last 130 years) women could not inherit or own property, get an education, keep wages they earned & could not vote. They also lost all access to their children if they left an abusive husband. Men branded women as being mentally incapacitated & intellectually inferior, believing they were not intelligent enough to waste an education on. Not only that, a woman had always been recognized as a man's property. And that notion lingers in the world to this day. The institution of marriage has always held that a women must love, honor, obey & serve her husband until death do they part, & this domination is still conveyed in wedding ceremonies in all religions around the planet.

Once promised to a man, women were property to be taken by force if they resisted. In the Middle Ages, when the marriage ceremony became an official religious "sacrament," the lord or baron, who owned all serfs, along with all animals on his lands, was the first to have sexual relations with the bride after the wedding ceremony. Only then was she handed over to her secondary master, her husband. Raping & beating women has always been common the world over, especially during wars, & that continues to this day.

The desire for equality by women has always been genuine & in the early 1800s a number of movements were created to begin giving women a voice, with a small number of sympathetic men supporting woman to be treated equally to men.

In 1825 William Thompson, an outspoken Irishman, with a rare passion for defending the rights of women, published his book, Appeal of one half of the human race, women, against the pretensions of the other half, men, to retain them in political and thence in civil and domestic slavery. In it he stated, "Though nothing short of “voluntary association” or the “mutual co-operation of industry and talents in large numbers” could entirely heal the flagrant evils of our present artificial social system, and particularly the desolating injustice practiced on women; yet would the mere removal of restraints of exclusions and unequal laws, so improve their situation and the general aspect of human intercourse, that they would be no longer recognised for the same…"

Behind Thompson's Appeal was an attack on the unfair competition between man & women in society, which he believed would continue to keep women at a disadvantage. Under the existing system he saw that men would be afraid of the competition of women in the workforce. Thompson believed that women needed some recompense for the labour of bearing & rearing children, which the wage system did not provide. And until there was a change made in the social structure, women would remain dependent on men for support. It was all too common for women to dread being deserted by a husband; of being left penniless & helpless with their children, with no means of support. The side effect was that women were forced to submit to the barbarities of an exclusive & often harsh, abusive master.

In 1834 Ann Wheeler, British writer & activate of political rights for women, wrote a sentiment that women today would still agree with:
"Up to the present hour, have not women through all past ages been degraded, oppressed, and made the property of men. This property in women, and the consequent tyranny it engenders, ought now to cease… Let us reject as a husband any man who is not sufficiently generous to consent to share with us all the rights he himself enjoys."

The similarities between a slave being the property of a master & a woman being the property of her husband led to women being more involved in the anti-slavery movement. In 1838 the Anti-Slavery Convention of Women created controversy with men declaring that women should not have a political say. In an attempt to counter this, the Women's Rights Reform Movement was formed in 1948.

Women started to campaign for specific reforms, not because they saw themselves as feminists but because circumstances in their own lives forced them to protest. For example, the "aristocrat" Caroline Norton, set about to limit the legal control husbands had over their wives due to the fact that her alcoholic husband, whom she had left, prevented her from seeing her dying child. Sadly today, we see some women doing this kind of thing to husbands. However when you consider how many Australian men pay little or no child support for the raising of their children, because supposedly he is punishing his former spouse for the breakup & the court system supports this abuse, & abuse it is, we have to wonder just how successful women have been in creating equality.

In 1839 Parliament had declared that children were not the property of their fathers in certain cases. Another Act in 1858 allowed a woman who left her husband to retain anything she inherited or owned after separation. However, married women were not affected by this legislation. But they were eventually allowed to keep their own earnings, & in 1882 finally came into independent ownership of their own property.

A movement to allow women to vote seemed the next logical step. Women believed that if they could vote they could change man-made laws from within the system. When J.S. Mill, the author of The Subjection of Women, became an MP, he introduced an amendment to change the 1867 Reform Act, & substitute the word ‘person’ for the word ‘man.’ When this was defeated, supporters of Women’s Suffrage started a legal case to establish that words of the masculine gender legally included women. A number of bills were proposed to include women between 1884 & 1889, but all were overturned.

In 1889 The Women's Franchise League was formed & took up the rights of all women, not just the rights of single women, campaigning for complete equality for women in divorce, inheritance & custody of children. Having connections with the socialist movement they joined the Independent Labour Party, which had been started by members the Fabian society, another one of the global elite's secret cult organizations.

And so enters the global elite into the women's movements for equality. Not because they supported equality for woman, on the contrary, they wanted woman to be downtrodden & penniless. But it served their purposes to support women's rights, because in the words of Rockefeller, there was 50% of the population currently not being taxed that they could profit from.

While women in the West could eventually vote, own property, get a degree & work in positions that were once considered only for men, such as doctors, & keep their own wages, for the most part throughout the first half of the 20th Century, except in rare instances, women would still be seen & treated as their husband's property. And this is still the case in most non-Western cultures, especially in the Middle East & Asia.

By the 1960s when the second-wave women’s liberation movement began, with women calling themselves feminist, the Rockefellers & fellow elitists, who already controlled so much of the Western culture, were ready to take charge of feminism & the New Age Movement, & they funded the Women's Liberation Movement. It was no longer just about increasing their coffers this time, it was about shaping, or rather destroying, a woman's role within the family. It was about propaganda & putting out false information that would direct people & families to where the elite wanted them. Monogamy was seen as oppressive to feminists & symbolized ownership. “Free love” or promiscuity was seen as the answer to that oppression, along with drugs to create a shift in consciousness. Except that both were part of elite’s mind control programs. The CIA, who began secretly using people in drug mind control experiments after WWII with the help of Nazi mind control experts, still control the minds of actors & singers, as well as the world drug trade to this day.

As Nicholas Rockefeller would confess in the 1990s to filmmaker & music promoter Aaron Russo, his family had funded the women's liberation movement with the goal that feminism would destroy the family unit. It was also a way to brainwash young women, with the goal being depopulation & a widening of the tax base between upper & lower incomes; along with the displacement of men in the role of providers for their families, to further destabilize the family unit. The ultimate goal was to introduce microchipping & force it upon the entire world's population.

As we know, the global elite's goal has been successful in destabilizing the family unit, to the point where sole parents are common & “the norm.” Once mobile/cell phone technology was added, we now find families mentally plugged in to technology & instead of verbal communication & emotional connection within the family, we frequently see families sitting at the same table texting. When two young girls sit on the same couch texting one another instead of verbally speaking, you know there's a serious problem.

I “stumbled” onto a debate about the "nuclear family unit" that sums up not only the elite’s agenda of destroying the family unit, but is an example of how many men still feel about women today, which just adds to my question of how far have we really progressed towards equality in the last 130 years:
"For a capitalist economy, the nuclear family unit should be destroyed. This will allow the economy to scale. The nuclear family unit is obsolete in an economic sense. It cannot function with our level of technology, and the scale at which capitalism operates. Otherwise, we would go back to living in smaller forms of government in a smaller economy, with fewer opportunities for large amounts of capital to create better technology."

One of the replies was this:
"This makes sense...take from the ‘rich’ (the working man) to give to the ‘poor’ woman. In the case of divorce this is still enforced by the woman getting the man's assets, alimony and child support (despite the kids living with the mother and almost never getting to see the father). The socialist agenda has definitely been implemented at the family level. Even when the family disintegrates, the socialist redistribution scheme remains intact."

As was evident from overall comments in the above debate, men blame feminists for destroying the family unit & for the man’s displacement within family. It obvious that men & women hate each other, unconsciously of course, yet they continue to get married & bring children into their loveless relationships. And this is something I’ve witness in society generally & with clients over the last twenty-six years, that hatred & fear of the opposite sex is a deep seated, unconscious wound, affecting how men & women relate to one another.

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