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Excerpt from Soul Journey ~ Path to the Soul Course Manual


The annihilation of the Divine Feminine & controlling the feminist movement through various forms of manipulation & propaganda was phase one in the destruction of the nuclear family unit. Phase two was & is destroying the Divine Masculine through the emasculation of men by feminists &/or narcissists, most of whom are themselves strongly masculine, & displacing the man’s role within the family.

Feminism was supposed to be a counter measure to chauvinism & misogyny. But two wrongs don't make a right. Instead of bringing about equality, in many ways feminism has simply widened the gap between the sexes, with women being trained to hate men (also known as misandry), while creating chauvinistic women. Primetime television, movies, women's magazines & "romantic" novels, lawyers & the court system, & politics have been all to successful in training girls & women to hate men.

But hating men doesn't make men love women more any more than hating women makes women love men more. Two opposing forces locked in battle don't create harmony. You can't create peace through war.

One of my cousins was literally “taken to the cleaners” by a women who had done the same to two men before him. As he is also an abductee, there's no doubt it was an "alien love bite" relationship. They had one child together, she brought 3 others with her. Once she tired of my cousin she took him to court & put in a claim for hundreds of thousands of dollars, & her bulldog lawyer tried to force my cousin into selling not just his property, but to give up a family home that has been in my family for five generations & over a hundred years from when my great grandfather came to this country & built the house.

But my cousin is just one of many men who have been made to endure this kind of terrorism at the hands of women who hate men & desire to make them suffer. Women who are no doubt getting payback for what they believe their fathers did to them as little girls. The side effect is that it has not only widened the gap between men & women, where men become so bitter they believe they can never trust another women, but it lumps all women together, giving us all a bad name.

A British reporter overheard the following conversation between two women:
"All men are useless these days," one said. "Yeah," said the other. "The trouble is that they haven't risen to the challenge of feminism. They don't understand that we need them to be more masculine, and instead they have just copped out."

Apparently the logic is that if women are less feminine, men will be more masculine. Little wonder this logic hasn't worked. Men react one of two ways to feminism. Either they treat women with even less respect & use & abuse every women they go out with; or they have become confused about their role as a man & the provider of their family. What women failed to realize is that a man's self-worth is directly linked to his ability to provide for his family. If for any reason he cannot do this, he feels worthless & will eventually give up. While for some the outcome has been/is to turn to the legal drug alcohol to numb their pain, some have felt/feel their only way out is to end their life.

And this has been the global ruler’s plan all along, to widen the gap between women & men & destroy the family unit. Have we gone past the point of no return, or can we build a bridge across the giant canyon that has men on one side & women on the other? There is only one way to build a bridge, & that is through self-Love & ending the inner battle between the Feminine & Masculine, & then taking that Love into our outer reality & into all our relationships.


Gentle men are emasculated by strong women, often feminists, who themselves are very masculine & consciously or unconsciously hate men. While strong men, often misogynists, dominate, even abuse gentle, often insecure women. The reason? Because people are drawn to their opposite.

Through DNA manipulation, this current human race was created to not feel complete unless they have a mate. Their opposite. And unconsciously they know that in order to feel complete, they must fine that opposite who will make them feel whole. An opposite who has the qualities that are missing in them. The aspect that is the weakest, either their Inner Feminine or Inner Masculine, is the aspect they will be most attracted to in a mate. Part of the reason for this is that we've been taught that everything is outside of us, so people search for wholeness externally, rather looking for it within. Thus, a man with strong feminine qualities will be attracted to a woman who has strong masculine qualities, while a man who is strongly masculine will be attracted to a very soft feminine woman & vice versa.

And this applies in same sex relationships. Regardless of sexual orientation, one partner will always be more feminine & one more masculine then the other.

Two halves come together to create a "whole." The problems with this is that a battle, or power struggle, soon begins once the "honeymoon phase" is over, as each of the two halves attempt to have total control over "the whole." People rarely realize that they need to develop that missing part of themselves from within, not search for it outside of themselves. And it's common to go from one "failed" relationship to the next, each time repeating the same "mistakes" over & over, blaming the other in each relationship, never taking responsibility for their part in what didn't work, or for the ultimate breakup. Moving on immediately ensures that they never have to work through the pain & they become more emotionally suppressed with each subsequent relationship.

Only a desire for self-Love, to be self-responsible & become whole within, changes this pattern. There are no mistakes in life. All experiences create an opportunity to learn & grow. But it takes a level of self-awareness & consciousness to be aware of this, where instead of blame, they are willing to look at the true cause of what makes them react to one another, which is: that it stems from childhood traumas & their mate is merely reflecting that first time they experienced the trauma in childhood. Blame only creates more tension & turns caring into loathing.

I realize due to the "eternal battle" between the sexes, people are unwilling to admit that men & women have different & specific roles, & that the lines between those roles have blurred, & in some cases disappeared entirely since women began leaving the home to work. But in spite of denial, this remains one of the greatest challenges in relationships today, creating confusion that impacts the whole family.

Whether we want to accept it or not, we carry the genetic predisposition of our far distant ancestry, where men were the provider & protector of their family & women were the nurturers. That changed in some cultures with written language where women began tending the crops & animals, in addition to caring for their children, but on the whole, the roles have not changed in hundreds of thousands of years. Until recently, & because of an ulterior motive by those who rule this planet.

Part of the modern day change in roles & the challenges these changes have created has been based on the financial need for both partners to work, but equally, more woman feel a need to have a career to give them a sense of fulfillment. Yes, many women have created home-based businesses, but predominantly women leave home every morning & go to a 9-5 job like men. On top of this, in order to be competitive in the corporate world, women have often further sacrificed their femininity to get the high paying jobs, though often still not being paid equally to a man doing the same job.

With both parents working, the daily domestic tasks in the home need to be shared more equally, but this rarely happens. A woman who works all day, will feel resentful if she has to come home from a long day at work & then has to do all the cooking & house work, as well as take care of the children's needs, with little or no support from her partner/husband.
On the one hand the couple have moved out of the roles they grew up with, where mom stayed home & raised the children & dad went to work to pay the bills. While on the other hand there has been no acknowledgment & no discussion or allowances made to take into consideration those changing roles, & the fact that both parents now work outside the home. "Thanks" to the "eternal battle" most men still expect to be taken care of by their wife/partner, even though she's just as tired as he is when she gets home from work. He resents her because she's not doing "her duty as the good wife," & she's resentful because he can't see what needs to be done at home & won't share the workload with her, except under duress where she's accused of nagging. It's a lose:lose situation.
It's a rare man who sees his role is to share the household daily tasks without being asked, & without feeling his partner/wife should thank & appreciated him for cleaning up his home & for taking care of his children equally to her.

The outcome of such frustration & anger, resentment & self-doubt, unhappiness & discontent is that the relationship ceases to be fulfilling. Communication may be non-existent & couples generally believe they must put up with life as it is & be miserable for the sake of their children, or that their only alternative is to walk away. While relationship counselling would support couples to successfully work through their differences, sadly, statistics show that on average couples wait six months too long before seeking professional support for their relationship, at which point they’ve gone past the point of no return.


In 1992 I began in-depth inner child work, & I connected with my Inner Feminine & Inner Masculine & reunited them, but it wasn’t until I reunited my Sacred Inner Family, as I call the union of Divine Inner Feminine, Masculine & Child, that the real changes in my life began. Once the feelings of competition that I had grown up with dissolved, I noticed my outer relationships changed accordingly. And the more I embodied the Goddess, through my own inner wholeness, the more men responded with Love & open-heartedness in return.

I spent years observing the "eternal battle" & the imbalance between the women & men, & was determined to support clients to unite the two back to where they belong: in peace & harmony with one another. That union must begin internally first, & is then reflected in our outer relationships: As within, So without. All relationships are a refection of the inner relationship we have with ourselves. When we end the internal battle, the outer one follows.

At the age of eight I completely rejected being a girl & became "a tomboy," seeing the feminine as weak & fragile, as reflected in my mother. I wanted to be hard & tough like my dad, which I wanted to believe would stop the abuse & pain that accompanied it. Later when I reunited my Sacred Inner Family, I would realize my mom was one of the strongest women I had every known, & my hard, tough dad was in fact what I call, a "rough-tough cream puff." Hard & tough on the outside, but soft like Jello & gentle on the inside. Many men have this cover up. For my dad it came from decades of unresolved PTDS, the outcome of fighting in a world war.

I realize there are many who disagree, but killing our fellow humans is not natural & it permanently harms the psyche in ways that make it extremely difficult to experience harmonious relationships. And this is ultimately one of the purposes of war. The other thing about war & its resulting trauma, which becomes locked energetically in the body’s cellular memory, is that the trauma is passed on to at least the next two generations. That trauma is equally as debilitating in children & grandchildren, as it was for those who actually experienced the trauma of war first hand. This was first noticed in the grandchildren of Auschwitz & other WWII POW survivors.

Therapy has never been part of the discharge process after a war, when it absolutely should be. As one former Vietnam Vet told me, he came home numb & was simply expected to fit back in to society where he left off before the war. It never happened though, & it wasn't until he started working with me, thirty years after the war, that he was finally able to begin releasing some of the pain & guilt he had carried with him all those years & which had impacted on all his relationships. I recently met a woman whose nephew had PTSD from fighting in Afghanistan & Iraq & who had desperately tried for years to find help for himself. The army didn't want to know about his depression & inner struggle, & after a local hospital turned him away when he went to them for help, he finally took his own life. And this is one more example of how the family unit has been purposely attacked.

As a young woman I moved to Canada, a country that embodies the Goddess, thus supporting my reconnection with that powerful part of myself. But it wasn't until I moved back to Australia in 1999 that I realized the energy body, or psyche, of both Australia & America, is very different to that of Canada, but for different reasons. Canada was settled by families, plus for the most part, the feminine was revered & respected by the native peoples there. Australia on the other hand was settled by convicts. Female convicts were often abused & raped after they were released & some would find a way to be put back into prison in order to be safe(er). Added to that is how the native people were shot like animals by the English. Added to that is for almost seventy-thousand years, the psyche of Australia had already been established as a battle ground between the masculine & feminine. (I was shown this when I connected with a Grandmother Fig Tree, who showed me the history of Australia. For anyone who doesn't know, it's been recognized that trees hold the memory of the planet, which is another reason why whole forests have been & are being destroyed.)

As for America, while it wasn't settled by convicts, there has been many hundreds of years of wars & annihilation of native people, as well as civil war, creating a psyche of war & destruction within the land. While people aren't conscious of the psyche of the land they live, the overall energy of the country still affects them. Imagine the psyche of Jerusalem & Israel with a history of war going back thousands of years.

After doing the Union of the Sacred Inner Family with hundreds of men & women from many different cultural backgrounds in both Canada & Australia, what I noticed is that in Australia the battle between the masculine & feminine is unlike the battle in any other country on the planet. The land's psyche embodies what I call the negative aspect of the masculine: the predator, the taker, the abuser.

No, of course all Australian men aren't like that, but many have embodied this energy, knowingly or unknowingly, which is expressed as chauvinism & misogyny. When social & cultural agreed upon abuse is taught to young boys, especially in Australia & America in the form of Rugby League & American football, it’s no wonder that abuse of the feminine is so prevalent.

Team sports, boxing & mix martial art world class competitions, being called a socially accepted form of abuse may be new to most people, but think about how energy has been collected, or rather harvested for the “gods” historically. A team sport similar to football was played to the death between two teams at Chichen Itza, as part of their human sacrifice rituals to the serpent gods. For centuries the Roman Colosseum was used to cold-bloodedily kill literally thousands of so-called criminals as well as professional fighters & animals. Eventually there would be over two-hundred fifty amphitheaters in the Roman empire used for “death sports” like the Colosseum. And those are just two places on the planet where energy was harvested from group or team “activities.” While teams no longer play to the death today, the energy is just a ferocious & crowds go into the same sort of frenzy when they’re watching, all the while their energy is being harvested for the same serpent gods.

Living in the peace & relative harmony of Canada for so long I had forgotten about the level of abuse in Australia until one day not long after I came back, I heard a car screech to a holt outside my house & a man started yelling at his female passenger, “you make me so angry…” I felt like going out & inviting her to step out of the car & telling her she didn’t have to put up with the abuse any more. Around that time I "happened" to hear a discussion on the radio about domestic violence & abuse in this country. It had been estimated that Australian women were 95-98% less likely than women in any other country to report abuse &/or rape. What does this tell us? That Australian men dominate "their" women to the extent that women fear for their lives, & are so afraid of further abuse that they won't even report the abuse they have been subjected to. I have a friend who is in a narcissist relationship with a man who has threatened to kill her if she leaves. And she is just one of thousands of women in the same situation.

While there are exceptions, I've observed two basic types of women in Australia. Those who are helpless victims, the Damsel in Distress Archetype, who fear & distrust men, & who have no connection with their Inner Masculine at all (during the reconnection process either he is missing altogether, he only comes through as a vague feeling or color, or he appears to them as a young boy), or the tough masculine-woman who has annihilated her own Inner Masculine & her Inner Feminine has taken over his role. These women typically have the attitude, "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em," often "becoming" a men to compete in the "man's world," while also distrusting & hating men.

A masculine-woman I once worked with, & whose Inner Feminine had taken over the role of her Inner Masculine, & who was missing to begin with, felt profoundly different & balanced after the session, but when asked if she would be willing to start wearing a shirt or dress occasionally to support her Inner Feminine & Inner Masculine to begin working together in harmony for the first time this lifetime, thus embodying her true nature, she replied with an emphatic "no."

I will add that in all the years of doing reunification of the Sacred Inner Family sessions, I've never had a client who couldn't connect with these two inner aspects of themselves & who wasn't moved, often brought to tears, as they connected with their True Family.

Part 3: Phase Three Transgenderism ~ The Final Step in Dissolving the Famil.y Unit



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