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Excerpt from Soul Journey ~ Path to the Soul Course Manual


Phase three of the dissolution of the family unit is transgenderism, where children are being taught in schools, in Australia & America anyway, that they aren't a boy or girl simply because they were "assigned a particular sex at birth" with body parts of a male or female, but that they should choose what gender they want to be. And furthermore many parents have bought into this propaganda & brainwashing & are either ignoring what's going on, or are supporting their children to choose their own sex.

The "National Safe Schools Program" was introduced to Australian in 2010 to children in Victorian Schools, it being the test State for this brainwashing, disguised as an anti-bulling program. What it really is though is downright evil, & is pushing children towards pornography, homosexuality & transgenderism while also teaching masturbation & what “tools” to use. At least two MPs have spoken before parliament in protest of this atrocity, & while there are reports of the program being toned down, it's also gone underground, where parents can't get any information on “the curriculum” & children are told not to tell their parents what happens in the classroom. That alone makes it suspicious. Clearly teachers know they have something to hide & what they’re doing is wrong, but instead of standing in integrity & have become nothing more than mindless order-followers & this makes what they’re doing the real evil.

This is communism-fascism, pure & simple! Parents need to protect their children from this “program.” The fact that this brainwashing is still being “taught” means either parents don’t know what’s going on, or they agree with it, which is even more disturbing. I’m a homeschooling advocate, however, I realize this is difficult for sole parents & many couples who have to work to make ends meet. But a solution can be found if like-minded parents come together with a common goal ~ that of protecting their children's physical & mental well being & their Soul.

After seeing some of the negative comments to videos posted on YouTube by concerned parents regarding this brainwashing, I find it mindboggling that people can't see the transgender “program” is yet another installment of the eugenic program & an attack to further breakdown of the family unit. What better way to decrease the population than by brainwashing children into being confused about who they are in their own bodies & tricking them into changing their gender. This is all out psychological warfare on children!

American schools are even worse it seems, with a number of reports coming out recently that kindergarten teachers are pushing transgenderism onto these innocent little ones. I can’t fathom how kindergarten teachers could justify such a violation & abuse on these tiny innocent, vulnerable minds. One more proof school is about training. Not education & increasing knowledge. Do you know the true meaning of lesson? It’s not about teaching to increase useful & true information. It’s the same word & same meaning as lessen! And in true Pavlov’s dog style, the ringing of the bell at the end of each “lesson” is designed to make children forget everything they’ve just learned.

Confusion when we're children isn't uncommon, especially when the child has been sexually abused. As I said, I didn't want to be a girl from when I was eight, & had I not followed my heart & moved to Canada as a young woman, I have no doubt I would have remained masculine dominant my whole life. A client once told me he couldn't help being gay because gays have a chemical in their brain that makes them that way. They have no choice, he told me. It's recognized that children of alcoholics have a chemical in their brain that predisposes them to addictive tendencies & potentially become alcoholics, but as someone with that chemical, I know we still have a choice as to whether we give in to our chemical urges or not. That isn’t a judgment, some of my closed friends have been gay, but I know we have a choice as to how we react or respond to the chemicals &/or mind control in our brain. And this transgender movement is most definitely mind control.

The current confusion in children has also been very purposely created & enhanced by two major toxic chemicals: 1. the class of chemicals known as Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals such as BPA & its alternatives BPS & BPF, along with the EDC group of chemicals known phthalates. EDCs are found in all things plastic, be it children's toys, baby bottles & baby products, as well as all personal care products, food containers etc; & 2. fluoride, a known neurotoxin that lowers IQ, contributes to ADHD & cancer, may contribute to gender confusion by making girls feel like they should be boys & boys feel like they should be girls. I heard the information about fluoride creating gender confusion recently from someone who studied metaphysics & what exists behind the curtain of lies & deceit on this planet for over sixty years, but I haven't been able to verify it as yet. Perhaps for good reason, as we know how the truth is covered up. Given fluoride also contributes to pineal calcification—the Pineal Gland being our Master Gland, not the Pituitary as taught in school science & professional degrees/courses that include anatomy & physiology—the possibility that long term consumption of fluoride from infancy contributes to gender confusion is plausible. While transgenderism & gender confusion are being widely promoted now in 2017, the issue has been known & discussed openly & written about by concerned parents at least since 2004.

If a person was the opposite sex in their last incarnation they may identify with that gender this lifetime. They may meet someone they were married to in a previous incarnation who is the same sex this lifetime & both may feel confused about their attraction to each other. Other life connection is a common confusion that makes people of any sexual orientation end up having relationships with past lovers that end up being just as disharmonious this time as they were in their previous life. Just because someone feels familiar doesn't mean we belong with them in relationship. And it's this basic metaphysical information that is lacking in our eduction. And for a reason.

But the whole premise behind brainwashing children that they are not a boy or girl because they were born as such isn't only flawed, it can have only one purpose.

The debate & controversy between "second-wave feminists" & trans-women has been a hot topic, with "mainstream" media openly using the debate for its own propaganda. In 2015, Germaine Greer, the second-wave Australian feminist best known for her 1970 book The Female Eunuch, was condemned in the British Guardian for speaking out against Caitlyn Jenner being the recipient of that years woman of the year award, saying, "misogyny played a big part in Glamour magazines decision to award Jenner their woman of the year award." The Guardian went on to say, “Greer also refused to back down from her position that transgender women, who have begun life as men before undergoing surgery and hormone treatment to become women, are not women. They do not look like, sound like or behave like women," Greer said. A petition was then circulated by the Cardiff University Students Union to have her banned from lecturing at the University, which was promptly ignored by the University, despite receiving a large number of signatures on the petition. At least the adults running the University didn’t give in to transgender supporting students.

Recently there were a number of posts on FaceBook with male models parading in women's clothes. I know models aren't allowed to smile when they're on the runway, but these young men looked downright unhappy. And who wouldn't be! As everyone on FaceBook is monitored with various spies, I expect the elite were keen to gauge acceptance levels of this appalling display.

Words such as he, she, him & her will no longer allowed & laws have already been passed in America to prevent "discrimination." How quickly politicians have jumped on the transgender bandwagon. Surely that alone should be a warning there is something very wrong with this. They never defended gays & lesbians, although now they are included in these new laws


The sheer volume of sole parents in todays society shows how successful the destruction of the family unit has been.

I used to believe that boys had chosen to be in a sole parent family with only a mother because they were here to bring their own Inner Masculine into balance with their Inner Feminine, creating new more balanced men on the planet, because so many of the boys born since 1987 & the Harmonic Convergence have been more strongly feminine in nature. But I came to my senses & realized that while many are advanced Souls, what people call Star Children (or "crystal children") it was more about these Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals creating children with higher levels of estrogens. And no, the “crystal children” are not here to save humanity! That's only what the false "light" want people to believe.

Someone made an interesting observation recently, that we are merely repeating the awakening of 1960s. And that given the 1960s awakening didn’t make a noticeable difference, what makes people think the current awakening will make any overall difference either. It’s food for thought! With the push for mass microchipping already well under way, & geoengineering creating devastating floods, droughts, earthquakes & tsunamis, it’s hard not to believe things are getting worse, not better. There’s only a small difference between hope & delusion.

From an energy perspective though, a child needs a lot of energy & undivided attention to grow up feeling safe & secure. Individually we only have enough energy for one child to provide them with the love, attention & security they need. Two parents naturally work for two children, but when couples have five, six, eight or more children, that's a lot of children starving for energy. When that same number of children are in a sole parent family, the competition for energy is even more pronounced.

Rarely did any of us get the love, energy & attention we needed as children & we witnessed our parents participating in power struggles/control dramas/mind games, to take, or rather steal, energy from one another. As children, this gave us the foundation of our own energy stealing techniques to get our parent's attention & energy. People call it "sibling rivalry" but in actual fact it's usually more about fighting to steal energy, though other lifetime issues we brought with us to work out within our family of origin also play a part.

The bottom-line though is that boys need a father. Girls need a mother. And millions of children don't get & aren’t getting the role models they need. Of course role models don't have to specifically be a parent. Role models can be aunts, uncles, family friends or "step" parents, but there are a lot of children growing up in the foster care system without the role model of either parents, & again, this is on purpose.

As I've said, in same sex relationships, one partner will always be more feminine & one more masculine than the other, so children get the role models they need in any healthy couple relationship. The problem is that functional healthy couple relationships are far less common than is healthy for raising well adjusted children & we are seeing many more children growing up with a sense of the entitlement & who are narcissistic, psychopathic personalities types. And again, this is on purpose, with the school system supporting children to be dysfunctional. And as I’ve said, the school system is not intended to educate children, but to train them into being left-brained dominant followers who do what they’re told, & with no connection to their right-brain feminine creativity, & no connection to their Soul.

Those of us who are awake & aware have our work cut out for us more now than ever before, in countering the vibration of this latest attack on humanity & families through transgenderism. In the 1980s one of my spiritual mentor-authors was Dick Sutphen. One of the quotes from Dick that stuck with me over the decades has been along the lines of, "If those of us holding the Light can't extinguish the darkness, at least we can hold it in check." Thus far we haven't been overly successful in holding it in check, but it's past time we all rallied together & pushed back with the power of Source Love.

Part 4: Reunification of the Sacred Inner Family



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