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Excerpt from Soul Journey ~ Path to the Soul Course Manual


Everyone has an Inner Feminine, Inner Masculine & Inner Child—along with a Wounded Child. In order to achieve unity & harmony between all three, we must first reconnect with & acknowledge each one of these three aspects of our True Self individually, & then reunite them to create what I call the Sacred Inner Family.

Once the Sacred Inner Family is restored, the Wounded Child which has split off or fragmented from the Trinity can, through communication & allowing him or her to speak, to express what she/he needs to feel safe enough to join the Family, will eventually merge back with the Divine Child. Sometimes this is achieved during a session. Somethings it takes times & loving patience by the person to support the Wounded Child in feeling safe enough to give up their wound(s) & to allow the Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine to be his/her True parents again, & then they will merge back with the Divine Child.

In an ideal world, the Inner Feminine, Masculine & Child, which are parts of our Spirit, expressed through the personality, would be in total harmony from birth & remain that way throughout our lives, expressing harmoniously as we move in & out of each one throughout our day. However, they are not in harmony, unless a person has consciously united these three aspects, due to childhood trauma, distrust & fear. And so, one aspect is more dominant than the others, expressing in relationships as I described above. Women often say that all men are really still little boys, but this is not the Inner Child they’re describing or that men are expressing, but rather the infantile ego. People rarely allow their true Divine Inner Child to ‘come out & play' in a healthy manner.

In a group of three people, one will always take on the role of the Masculine, one the role of the Feminine & the other one the role of the Child, although the dominant aspect of each within the group may not be that person’s natural dominant expression.

When The Sacred Inner Family is in harmony within us, we easily move in & out of each of these three aspects of our personality throughout our day, & we feel a sense of inner peace. This is then reflected in all our relationships, where there's no more competition or power struggle. No need for one person to dominate another.

The following is an excerpt from Angeles Arrien's  book, The Nine Muses: A Mythological Path to Creativity, that expresses some of the archetypal & metaphorical aspects of the Inner Feminine & Masculine.

Spirit of Pegasus ~ "May there be peace of Earth"

Psychologist Carl Jung proposed that the feminine principle reclaimed within every man and woman would create the intermediary bridge needed to reconcile the existing human needs and collective learnings surrounding the unsolved conflicts, dualities, polarities, and oppositions present within the human psyche.

Jung also believed that the Muses' favorite horse, Pegasus, would be another important bridging symbol of our time. He saw Pegasus as a symbol of the positive instinctual force of the subconscious that signals the unification or synthesis of polarities and oppositions. Pegasus comes from the Greek word pegae, geyser, or "to draw forth water." The essential symbol of the feminine has long been water, aqua femina. Whenever Pegasus's hooves drew water, the Muses would always appear. Many said that those who drink from the mysterious waters are endowed with poetic inspiration, loving expression, and heightened creativity.

The development of the feminine principle, the intermediary within every man and woman, allows us to creatively stay with conflicting impulses long enough for the two opposing forces to teach the other something and produce an insight that serves both.

To view the elements of our life in a paradoxical manner is to draw forth, like Pegasus, a whole series of creative possibilities until a hidden unity is revealed. When we access the Muses consciously as an intermediary force, we begin to mobilize our true creative work, which Robert Johnson identifies as: dimming our egos, befriending our shadows, and committing to building a bridge between polarities, conflicts, and oppositions in order to create solutions that go beyond a compromise or quarrel.

In his book Owning Your Own Shadow: Understanding the Dark Side of the Psyche, Johnson further states that our creative challenge today is to transform opposition into paradox, which is to allow both sides of an issue, or pair of opposites, to exist in equal dignity and worth until the hidden unity is revealed.


Each one of The Sacred Inner Family has many qualities that contribute to who we are in physical form, aspects of our True Self, our Soul, including strength, peace, groundedness, gentleness, playfulness, love, compassion, etc; however each one of the three has a specific Role or purpose, that when combined with the other two aspects, makes up who we are as a person, Spirit having a human experience, while providing harmony & equanimity to our lives. Each one of The Sacred Inner Family also provides a human & a Divine quality to our lives. The Masculine & Feminine appear in the form of our perfect archetypal image of a woman & a man: a goddess, priestess, wise woman, god, warrior, knight, etc, while the Child is each person as a small child before they lost our innocence (we all lose some part of our innocence, or have it taken from us, somewhere between birth & age seven).

Inner Masculine’s Role: Provides direction & purpose to our lives, & protects both the Feminine & Child. He is Divine Power: the union of the Masculine & Feminine through the Essence of Love (which is the Child), therefore he is responsible for holding the Union of the Sacred Inner Family.

Inner Feminine’s Role: Provides flow to our lives. She gives us the ability to See the Bigger Picture & is the source of our Intuition. She also protects the Child. And She is Divine Wisdom.

Inner Child’s Role: Is our Innocence, which is the Purity of Spirit. He/She is the source of Passion & Creativity to our lives, expressed through the Inner Feminine. The Child is Divine Perfection, provides us with Endless Possibilities. He/She is Unconditional Divine Source Love ~ the energy or ‘glue’ that holds the Sacred Inner Family together, & which is then protected by the Power of the Divine Masculine.

Symbolically, the Inner Feminine is like the water of a river. No water, no river. The Inner Masculine is like the riverbanks, giving the river its direction & definition & then purpose for being. No riverbanks & the water just dissipates, absorbing back into Mother Earth. And the Inner Child is like a boat on the river, that needs the other two to get to His/Her destination through Divine Source Love, where She/He provides the passion & creativity for our Inner Feminine to bring our dreams & visions into reality. All three need each other equally. Neither one is more important than the other. Each is whole & complete in & of themselves, co-creating as One perfect harmonious Trinity that makes up who each one of us are as a unique individual.

In sessions I take clients through a visualization exercise of imagining they are each one of these Inner aspects. They reconnect heart to heart with each one of them, acknowledging each one’s presence within them, & then acknowledge that the qualities of those aspects are also their own qualities. They imagine the Masculine & Feminine seeing each other for the first time again in this life, & then imagine themselves as that child or baby in the arms of the Feminine, while feeling safe, secure & protected, held by their True Parents. They then feel what it's like to have their Sacred Inner Family whole again. It's always a profound & very moving experience for each person.

While it's much easier to do this exercise when another is guiding you, it's no less profound to imagine it yourself, & my hope is that if you've read this far you will undertake the exercise for yourself. Then write down all the qualities each one brings to your life, both individually & together. To do this, once the Family is whole again, imagine you're each one individually again & ask them what qualities they being to your life, individually & together with the other two.

Sometimes clients have difficulty seeing either their Inner Feminine or Inner Masculine, or they see a color rather than an Archetypal Being, or perhaps one of them is not yet an adult, or the Feminine & Masculine don't trust each other. This is where guidance is necessary because it requires patience, negotiating & creativity, releasing whatever is causing the distrust, along with time for them to get to know each other again & to start trusting each other. From my experience of doing this visualization with clients for 25 years, I can tell you that the time you spend with these inner aspects of yourself will be worth the effort. The end result will be that you get to know yourself through identifying your inner qualities, & you'll be amazed at the changes you begin to notice in your outer relationships.

And so, may your path be as easy as you choose to make it. May you overflow with Self-Love, Inner Peace, Self-compassion, Self-confidence & Self-empowerment. May you recognize your Greatness. May you remember that you never left the Great Ocean of Love. And may the flowers of peace bloom beautifully in your heart.

Infinite Blessings, Unconditional Love, Peace & Resonance,
Aho Mitakuye Oyasin



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