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Many people know the concept of One Universal Consciousness, but is it just that, a concept, or are we living it in our daily lives? Do we really embody One Consciousness & therefore Unity? Is it a deep knowing or merely an ideal or a belief?

It's easy to Love - & by Love with a capital 'L' I mean unconditional Divine Love, which includes non-judgment & compassion - those who come to us for support or guidance, or therapy; but unless we also Love those, such as family members, friends, coworkers, neighbors - people we deal with in our day to day life outside of our healing practice, who seem difficult to Love, those who get 'under our skin,' 'push our buttons,' or act in non-loving ways, we are still living in a state of separation.

I asked a healer recently how he cleared his chakras every day - he said he didn't. So how did he deal with the energy he cleared from clients - he said didn't need to because he didn't take the harmful energy of clients on. However, he went on to say that it was the energy of the people in his day job that he took on…& added "& some of those people need to be slapped up side of the head" or words to that effect.
How can we be Loving & compassionate towards some, but indifferent, angry or vengeful towards others! Such 'selective love' is a state of human love, which comes with conditions & is a very different vibrational frequency to that of Unconditional Divine Love.

Those people who push our buttons are our Masters, showing us where we still need to work on ourselves. They're showing us the places we are judging, denying or rejecting; those areas we still don't Love & accept within ourselves. And, those who are the hardest to Love, need Love the most. They also need the most Love. And sometimes those who need the most Love are us!
Humans typically believe that we're the most evolved species on the planet, yet there are wars being fought all over the planet; we're still doing battle with our neighbors, our coworkers…within ourselves... As the Ojibwa saying goes "No tree has branches so foolish as to fight among themselves." But that's exactly what we do every day. And our outer world is merely a reflection of our inner world. If we're at Peace within, we experience Peace everywhere.

If we Love & accept ourselves as we are, with all our flaws & foibles, we Love & accept others as they are too. No, we don't have to like everyone, & there are times when it's appropriate to walk away, but we can still give people the respect & compassion they deserve, regardless of what level of consciousness they are living at. Because that's just it, we are all living at varying levels of growth & Soul Evolution, & we can only begin where we're 'at' right now.

As I see it, those of us with a Life Purpose of service to humanity, have a responsibility to do 'the work' on ourselves - to be as clear as is humanly possible, to Love & accept ourselves as we are, to walk our talk.

We are all Spirit having individual human experiences. And either we're All One, or we're not. There is no halfway…



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